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David Arquette Jokes About His Split

1101_arquette3David Arquette sure has a great sense of humor about his recent split from Courteney Cox.
On Friday night, at an intimate screening he hosted at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel -- the venue for the upcoming David Arquette Presents Beacher’s Madhouse -- for the new Terry Gilliam-directed short film "The Legend of Hallowdega," in which Arquette stars opposite Justin Kirk, he made a couple of subtle jokes about the split.
At the screening, presented by AMP Energy Juice, Arquette was introduced by his business partner Jeff Beacher on a stage in the hotel’s new subterranean space. Arquette told the small crowd, laughing coyly and looking at Beacher, “It was filmed in Alabama…um, where my wife’s from.”  That elicited laughing and snickering from the audience, as well as Arquette himself and Beacher.
Then, later on during his introduction, Arquette mentioned that while in Alabama, he came in contact with a town called Anniston (think Cox’s BFF Jennifer Aniston), saying, “I should have known that would be an omen.” Again, he and Beacher, along with the audience got a good laugh.

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Anonymous:  1549 days ago

Can this man be for real? He´s joking about his split. I´ve always thought that David Arquette is s little bit immature and Courteney is way too much out of his league. She´s mature and grown-up woman who deserves to have a man who´s more like her. I don´t mean to say that David was the wrong choice for CC. They sure still love each other and respect each other but just wondering what went wrong. Hopefully they can work things out somehow and be good parents to Coco also in the future. They´ve said that no matter what happens they´ll always be there for their daughter.

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KC:  1548 days ago

is he supposed to commit suicide, (reply to anonymous) would that make you happy?
she most likely "hooked" up with her co-star
maybe she's a **** and maybe, so are you

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