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Kim's 4 Costumes -- Pick a Fave!

Kim Kardashian had 4 choices for a Halloween costume this year -- but did she pick the right one?

Kim took to her Twitter to show off her different looks -- posing as a sexy cat, a pirate, a queen and Little Red Riding Hood.

She decided to go with the latter -- with Jonathan Cheban as a wolf -- but we wanna know, is it your favorite?

Comments (2)

b.mclane:  1553 days ago

Stop, please for the love of God, Please stop!!! I am suffering from "Dashoverexposure", there is no where to hide , they are EVERYWHERE!!! I am fast developing a chronic case of Kardashianophobia. My KrisRash is beyond science. My Khloeiotitist is terminal, my Kimmelanomia is in advance stage and my Kourtcoidosis is filing my lungs at a slow pace........Please just stop!!You are LITERALLY killing me.

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trist:  1552 days ago

She looks oddly proportioned with her breasts shoved up so high. I wish she would realize this look doesn't work for her. She has a beautiful face, try highlighting that for once.

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