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Mel Gibson: Hobo Clown

Mel Gibson may be sitting for his deposition this morning in L.A. -- marking the first time he’s seen his ex Oksana Grigorieva in months -- but that didn’t damper his Halloween spirit this weekend. TooFab has obtained this exclusive photo of the actor in costume at a Friday night party.
Dressed in a “Hobo Clown” costume, Gibson attended the party at a private home in Beverly Hills. We've confirmed 100% that it's Mel in the photo.

A source tells TooFab that Gibson “smoked cigarettes, and appeared to have fun talking to a rotation of women. Disguising his face, and sometimes his voice, he seemed to enjoy being incognito, and only a handful of people seemed to have found him out.”
Also at the bash were David Arquette (dressed as Elvis), Kevin Connolly (dressed as Gilligan from "Gilligan’s Island," Jerry Ferrara, Leonardo DiCaprio (wearing a mask), Stacy Keibler and Molly Sims (dressed as a cat).

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Eddie:  1553 days ago

Ohhhh, Leo Dirapio was busted. I'd love to have been there to see that.

Leo: This party is so fun, I'm having a great time
Hobo Clown: Hi, Leo, remember me?
Leo: No, have we met?
Hobo Clown: It's ME, Mel Gibson you bitch, ****, WHORE! You didn't want to do my Viking movie. I should drown you in the jacuzzi you ****ING whoooore. I don't WANT you. I don't NEED you. I don't LOVE you! Raaaaawwwwwrrrrr! Go and call the cops!! Why are you going to call the cops?!?!
Leo: I'm sorry! I have to go. It was nice seeing you.
Mel: You should just smiiiiile and bloooow meeee!

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Bunny that earns scooby snacks!:  1553 days ago

Yeah! YOU go Mel. Have some fun! :)

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gonesi:  1553 days ago

I'm so glad to see Mr Gibson out having a good time. He is a good man.

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Julie:  1553 days ago

Right On Eddie! (Posted at 2:33 PM on Nov 1, 2010)

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R.ADAm:  1553 days ago

Mel need to get out a bit more, to see what group he has not yet insulted.Thsi is a way to do it!
Amazing that any film would consider him ,given he insulted women so badly. If either sex boycots a film ,its over.

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Bunny that earns scooby snacks!:  1553 days ago

It's really sad to see people judging a man based on lies told by a scorned woman.

May it happen to the likes of you ten fold, you self righteous folks.

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susie:  1552 days ago

i would like to see the real tapes,where miss
grigorieva run her mouth.she controlls the tapes so that won't happen

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Jade evergreen:  1552 days ago

Good to see Mel had fun on halloween and he make a cute hobo clown and next year he will have a his little girl and take her trick or treating

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angeleyes:  1552 days ago

Great to see Mel is getting out and having some fun - Life's short - No point in wasting it dealing with trash!

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Nana:  1552 days ago

I like Mel and I am very happy he is moving on and having fun.Oksana,the greedy lousy piece of **** won't get away with her extortion.She was the one subtly abusing Mel for a long time,driving him against the wall til he burst in an "enough-is-enough " moment.Anyone would go crazy with her demanding, cold, insensitive, selfish attitude.She is a bully and ugly.I was on her side,but when i listened to the tapes,i knew she deserved a beating if she got one.She is such a looser and hope Mel survives this,gets the baby and Oksana goes to jail forever.For the record,am black and don't think Mel is a racist at all...anyone can say stuff they don't really mean when angry.

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Frank Androski:  1552 days ago

Mel Gibson is a racist and sick person. Boycott his movies!

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Jus Another Viewer:  1551 days ago

This is AWESOME! Soo very glad to see Mel Gibson out having FUN! He will have his daughter on Nov. 10th AFTER the D.A. indites the woman who started all this Sh*t Octosana WILL lose custody as soon as she is arrested and booked! AND hopefully Tim Dalton will finally STAND up and TAKE his kid away from this coniving, manipulating, lying, falsifying, evil witch!
THERE'S a reason HE was NOT stripped of his custodial rights, there's a REASON his EX (who should be the scorned one) IS supporting him, there's a REASON SHE is under closer investigation than HIM. It's ALL proof in the pudding, just LOOK, Google the witch. THIS isn't her first time accusing a STAR (and father one of her kids, cuz they just happen to BOTH be by 'big' stars!) of abuse, she accused Tim Dalton of the SAME stuff when he asked her to sign a pre-nuptual agreement. THIS is her M.O. SEE for yourself! ABC didn't expect this guy to give THIS analysis! Two tracks..? Wha..wha..what..!
LoL to ANYONE who belives ONE ounce of HER 'evidence!' Truth Train is about to ROLL on through!

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charles:  1550 days ago

Mel Gibson,is a raceist A-H,and I hope Oksana sucessfully takes him for every pennie she can get him for.

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BASAXL:  1539 days ago

Mels biggest problam is channeling Martin Riggs when he's drunk or angry.I am Jewish and not mad at Mel.I'll continue to see his movies and support his career.Mel's ex wife even came forward to support him when the Ox accused him of being violent toward her and the baby.(Mel make sure and get a test to make sure the baby is yours)Mel may have a drinking problem,and he may be politically incorrect,but he is not a bad person by any means.This chick is out to get what she can from a rich movie star.I'm in Mel's corner on this one.

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Franny Marian:  1483 days ago

I think Mel is getting a raw deal from this gold digging immigrant witch. I know Mel has made some politically incorrect statements but so what? Everyone secretly makes them but Mel is gutsy and makes them publically. Good for him!!! Everyone knows the Jews do run Hollywood and they made Marlon Brando apologize when he said it so that shows the power they have. Now they are out for Mel's blood. He is a brilliant actor, producer and director and Braveheart is my all time favorite movie. The Passion of the Christ was also brilliant and the Jews in Hollywood have been out to get him ever since he made that blockbuster telling the truth about the Jews being the killers of Christ. Sorry for your troubles Mel. Im on your side and Im a Traditional Catholic as well. May God be with you in your time of troubles and may you have peace and Love in your life.

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