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"Bachelor" Jake Lands A New GF

Jake Pavelka's finally moved on from his bitter breakup with Vienna Girardi -- and has got himself a new girlfriend!

TooFab spotted the former "Bachelor" arriving at LAX yesterday, where he planted a kiss on a pretty blonde who he introduced as "Meghan."

Meghan is Dallas wedding planner Meghan Jones, and according to Us Weekly, the two met less than two months ago and enjoy traveling together.

The couple made their public debut last night at the bash for "Dancing with the Stars'" 200th episode -- check 'em out on the red carpet!

Comments (7)

Pebby:  1549 days ago

Hmmm how long will that last? Does she know he has a temper? Or does she think he won't use his temper on her?

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bettyboop:  1549 days ago

Wow! A whole 2 months...break out the wedding china...puke! Did someone forget to set the timer to 15 minutes cause I am certain this looser's 15 minutes of fame are LONG OVER. Tell me again...what is he famous for again? He has contributed what to the world of entertainment? Who really cares... other than Jake that is.

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trist:  1549 days ago

It really depends on how much she wants the fame, doesn't it?

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Laura:  1549 days ago

Oh Puke, really? C'mon, why is this fame whore getting attention at all?

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Jenni:  1547 days ago

ANOTHER SPEIDI ..greeeat. Should we call them Jeghan or Make?

Hmmm... I hate to diss "Meghan" but if she is with a self-asorbed a**hole, she's probably a self-absorbed b*tch. As much as I didn't like either him or Vienna.. Jake was still the bigger douche.

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Mike H:  1486 days ago

Go back to the unfriendly skies you looser !!! leave the girl alone.

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eva:  1250 days ago

jake is a nice .stop dissing on him coz u dont have a guy who could even come close to being lyk jake[probably vienna whos writing all this about jake]

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