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Curly Community to Patti: Shut Up!

1102_stangerThe curly haired community has got it in for "Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger -- for calling their follicles "scraggly, frizzy, bird’s nests."

Stanger has always said her wealthy clients don't like curly hair -- and beauty website NaturallyCurly is fighting back, telling her to "Shut up already,"

In a letter fired off to Patti's people, the website is demanding her to "stop curl bashing" and daring her to "rock" her "natural curls."

They add, "What would people say if you were asking women to change their skin color or eye color to attract a man? You appear to be living in a time warp where only one standard of beauty exists: the Barbie Doll."

Read the full letter here.

Though she's seen the letter, the "Matchmaker" has no plans to cool it on the anti-curl commentary, tweeting "Ok, naturally curly bunch. I like stylish curly/wavy hair, but my millionaire men don't. So, go buy a flat iron."

Check out the gallery below of celebs going from curly to straight, and let us know if Patti has a point -- do these ladies look better when they break out a flat iron?


Comments (35)

Julie:  1545 days ago

As someone with extremely naturally curly hair I have to say that I have never had any man tell me to straighten my hair. They all love it! As for Patti's clients they seem to be a huge group of socially-inept misfits who can't find women on their own. She needs to look at the group and then open her mouth. Money does not equal style or class and after watching a couple of her shows most of the "millionaires" she is trying to match are jackasses anyways

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Catnip:  1545 days ago

This woman is a moron. Generalize much, Patty? Of course, there are plenty of wealthy men out there that like curly hair.

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nico :  1545 days ago

its beyond funny that this woman has so many opinions on what people should do to appear more attractive - but has no common sense as to how unattractive she is! she appears to be a high maintenance, nagging, dolled up version of someone with average looks AT BEST. she reminds me of the kind of look they turn out on extreme makeover. a man in a wig with that much makeup would look the same! (but they would probably have a better attitude)

plus - look at how they always get the rejects with money! not one single guy on that show is worth dating! there are plenty of men (even with millions of dollars if that matters) who would rather not date such a false nasty woman. yuck. no wonder she is single - she is really the opposite of kind, classy, & feminine.

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melissa:  1545 days ago


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Valerie:  1545 days ago

As a curly-haired woman, I have NEVER been told that my hair was a turn-off. Quite the opposite in fact, many men have commented that they think my curls are sexy. So Patti Stanger can go stuff it.

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Braystreet:  1545 days ago

It's every man's dream to have sex with Shirley Temple...

if that man has met Chris Hanson at one time or another...

You gals want to be beautiful? Know what makes you beautiful, don't bother to make web sites justifying how your hair falls, your freckles or your other features, just be yourself and stop trying to tell the world that you're beautiful, if you are, folks'll notice.

I think that Christina Agullara picture is inaccurately noted, that's not her with curly hair, that's her assisting PETA in protesting the gluing dogs to your head movement by gluing dogs to the sides of her head.

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Stephanie:  1545 days ago

I have naturally curly hair and started flat ironing it...until I was told by a few different male friends that I look better with my naturally curly hair. All men like straight hair is a bunch of B.S.

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Gina:  1545 days ago

Patti is an Ugly Man!

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Gemini:  1545 days ago

What an ill mannered pimp-ess - does this mean that she doesn't allow women of color with naturally styled hair to be one of her "hos"?

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maria:  1545 days ago

heyy i love the show watch it all the time! i have curly beautiful long hair and I am married to the man who loves my curly hair. i have straightened it before and i love it straight too..but i was born with curly hair and i appreciate what I was born with that is what makes me different and I stand out all the time and i love it. im very pretty and i am not insecure because i dont have striaght hair. i dont care. i am sure some millionare men love curly hair too. if you watch all the music videos most of the girls have curly hair and they are hot! so nah nah nah!

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WHATEVER:  1545 days ago

The pathetic "men" that Patti has as clients are so lost that who would care what their "opinions" are ? Its not the hair anyway that should matter so much...hopefully you're concerned about WHO your match is, and how do you feel around them ?
Imagine that you might miss your soulmate because of being so shallow that you'd turn them down before ever knowing them...just because of their HAIR ?

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Kate:  1545 days ago

The issue is that Patty is BBQ trash (Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens).

Her clients are all also lower class nouveau riche trash. As such such they are attracted to "trends. The trend is for flat-ironed hair.

I watched one episode of this show. She is completely the lowest of all echelons as are her lower class "millionaires".

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Jenny:  1545 days ago

Thank you NaturallyCurly for fighting back! I do watch Patti's show, but I cringe every time I hear her say something about curly hair. As unpredictable as my curls are I have embraced them my whole life. I have had plenty of women tell me they wish they have my hair and men love it just as much. What's the point of straight ironing your hair and using a curling iron to put curls back in for volume? Why is that acceptable? Back off Patti!

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gary:  1545 days ago

yes i have seen millionaire match maker ..i dont know what makes her an pro. i dont understand that also she might want to get a makeover as i think she looks like the skankiest girl that is on her show...your rude and just plain mean..she seems to think she is gods gift to men what a joke

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marie:  1545 days ago

I have naturally straight hair and would love if it was curly. On that note for a woman (patti) who is 49 and STILL single I don't think she should be telling any of these beautful young girls to change themselves. What type of matchmaker are you if your just about 50 and can't find your self a mate, I'm just saying.

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