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Nick & Vanessa Are Engaged!

Nick Lachey will be a "Newlywed" once more -- because he and Vanessa Minnillo are engaged.

The two stars, who have been dating since 2006, announced the news today via Us Magazine, saying "We're excited and incredibly happy about our engagement and we look forward to a wonderful future together." Reps for both confirm the news to TooFab.

This will be the first marriage for Minnillo, 29, and the second to 36-year-old Lachey -- who was married to Jessica Simpson from 2002-2006.

Comments (28)

annaliese:  1550 days ago

My make believe boyfriend is getting not cool

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tara :  1550 days ago

wanting everything and having nothing..............of any real substance or value marriage has no value anymore

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TrueThat:  1550 days ago

Well Nick isn't good at anything anymore and Vanessa is only good at looking pretty so that's actually a good thing I guess, two useless people getting married. THANK goodness.

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M:  1550 days ago

He's a washed-up has-been and she's a useless never-will-be. He looks like a caveman and is stupid as sh*t, and she's a nasty, ugly b**ch. She has him by the b@lls, so it makes perfect sense that they got together in the first place.

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Stephanie:  1550 days ago

Congrats wish u nothing but best wishes!

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mary:  1550 days ago

cool good for them, they have gone out long enough.......shes a great catch! Gorgeously attractive!
hes handsome but....looking kinda pudgy lately---unfortunately dont think he will age to well!
ten yrs from now he'll be a stocky balding man w/ a still smokin hot wife.

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stacy:  1550 days ago

I can't believe all the bitter-bessies who posted such nasty things! I would love to know what great things you are doing with your lives that you feel the need to be so mean and judgmental.

On a lighter note...i am happy for them! They are a great couple who deserve happiness. Good for them for taking their time to make sure this was right.

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Mark:  1550 days ago

Who cares about either one of them. Total has-beens!

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Oprah:  1550 days ago

Congrats! To the happy couple. You deserved each other :)

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Amanda:  1550 days ago

Yayyy I am so Happy for them i love Nick and Vanessa togeather they are a hott couple and seem very into eachother! he deserves her! and she as well. real true love and comitment is all that matters because theres not much of that.

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Crystal B:  1550 days ago

ABOUT TIME.....I think he took his time for a reason. He want to make sure Vanessa was the mature partner he needs so this marraige will last. She seems like a pretty serious chick Congrats!

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Mia:  1550 days ago

wow... what makes somebody get online to make an embarrassing negative comment like some of you do?? is your life really that awful? why bother to put that out there. it's actually quite sad. Congrats to a beautiful/down to earth couple!!

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Ricky:  1550 days ago

The people who wrote negative comments are loosers and jealouse people. Congrats to the beutiful couple. In Hollywood Some couples marry right away, they both took there time and realized there meant for each other!

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Trish:  1550 days ago

The people who post neg comments are just jealous guys. If you don't have something nice to say, then keep your mouth shut; right? At least look at it this way guys, you aren't married to them and in their own family, they are probably backstabbers who are all lip service. I see them going to church and then backstabbing right after and back to church next Sunday to "cleanse their sins" but you have to live what you preach for that to happen. So they'll have a hot miserable life.

AS FOR NICK AND VANESSA, though, GOD BLESS ya both and hope you are very, VERY, happy ya'all.

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spinner25:  1550 days ago

I call bull****. She's not even wearing a ring.

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