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Bristol: Levi Would Be a Bad Mayor

Bristol Palin is speaking out about her baby daddy, Levi Johnston -- saying she doesn't think he's qualified to be mayor of Wasilla.

Bristol tells Ellen DeGeneres that "it is an important position and I don’t think he knows what he is getting himself into," adding that she's never seen him interested in politics before.

While she and Levi are over, Bristol isn't dating anyone new, telling Ellen "It’s really hard for me to want to date after the situation I had myself in and I’m not worried about a boyfriend right now."

The full interview with Bristol and Mark Ballas airs Monday.

Comments (7)

Jenni:  1549 days ago

1. Take care of your kid.
2. Grow up.
3. Quit dissing your baby mama's mama.. it's getting old
4. Please, whatever you do.. no more nude photos.
5. How about get a job that you are qualified to do... like McDonalds.

Bristol, don't get knocked up by another loser.

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Shailendra Howard:  1537 days ago

I think that it is unfair that Brandy got elimated from Dancing With the Stars and she (Brandy) was at the top of the board the entire time and Bristol was always at the bottom of the leader board. Why did Bristol Palin get to stay because Sarah Palin is her mom and the people was scared to vote her off. THAT WAS TRULY TRULY UNFAIR WHAT THE PEOPLE DID TO BRANDY!!!!!!!!

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John Galt:  1537 days ago

Haha @ Shailendra. The people "was scared" to vote Bristol Palin off of the show becuase her mother used to be Governor of Alaska? What do you think the people "was" scared would happen if they voted for Brandy instead? Do you think the people believe that Sarah Palin is going to track down all of their phone records and have them arrested for voting against her daughter? Christ, get a clue.

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kazza:  1537 days ago

haha John, thank you for saying it so well!

Shailendra, are you a small child?

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Sarah Lozano:  1536 days ago

DWTS is getting too political.. It should not be for fans favoring either political party It's taking the fun out of the show.

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louise davis:  1536 days ago

maybe now that mom and dad are getting along and Todd can afford to be a stay at home mom, (2 1/2 mill for 10 episodes) he can be with the kids while mom is out campaigning and Bristol can get a job closer to home and not have to go to hollywood and work so hard. He can also keep the boys out of the girls rooms and monitor their facebook accounts, they hear the lingo somewhere.

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Lynn D:  1530 days ago

I wish everyone would get off the Bristol bashing. I'm sick of the childish, verbal bullying Bristol is exposed to constantly. It's disgusting! Forget who her mother is and let the girl have a chance on her own. There are not many people who have the kind of character Bristol has, to go through the horrific criticism and false accusations she receives week after week and still persevere and continue to perform better each week. No, she may not be the best dancer, but she is the most improved OVERALL. Perhaps Brandy did not have the people support to push her through to the next round.. be it democrat, tea party, republican, white. black, or in between. It's not political.. it's the people...AND THE VOTES. The producers of the show are not going to take the kind of risk to jeopardize their reputation.. But human nature like it is, people vote from the heart.
I personally think all contestants should have NO dancing experience in their carry on luggage. It puts all the attention on their better performance advantage. It's unfair. Let them all be novice's and then see how they do through 12 grueling weeks of fair competition.

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