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"Jerseylicious" Star Nabs New Boyfriend

"Jerseylicious" star Tracy DiMarco has got herself a new boyfriend -- and it's causing some serious tension with her ex.

TooFab has learned DiMarco, who was seen dating Lorenzo Gangala on the Style Network show, has moved on -- and is now seeing a 23-year-old NYC bartender named Jonathon Padilla (above). We're told it's "starting to get serious."

The problem: Lorenzo isn't a fan of her new beau and the relationship has led to fights between the two men.

DiMarco tells TooFab "Jonathon is very supportive and accepting of my career, unlike with my ex where he was always trying to bring me down... It is a small world in Jersey and Johnathon and Lorenzo have run into each other numerous times and end up fighting over me, which I think is pointless because clearly I'm happy now and it's time for Lorenzo to move on."

Tracy adds "things couldn't be any better" with Jonathon.

Comments (14)

danny:  1543 days ago

Tracey is not right for this jerk. A bar tender? comon seriously?! when i was hooking up with her i hit that ass so good she didnt want no bar tender. Forget LOSERenzo and come back to the Dvecc Man.

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Shirley:  1543 days ago

Who cares ????? Nobody deserves her.

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alyssa:  1543 days ago

the dude is ugly look at his head eew haha

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rachel:  1542 days ago

maybe you should know hi before your so quick to judge

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MisyLyne:  1542 days ago

tracey is a bully. what she deserves is a wife beater!!! taste of her own medicine. get a man to spit in her face!

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Pat G.:  1542 days ago

I know him personally and he is very deserving and adorable. She is a lucky girl to have such a nice guy, and he seems to be happy with her too!

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Ada:  1542 days ago

Great Job Tracy. Your new boyfriend is hot!!Stick with Jay who is very supportive!

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Jaber:  1537 days ago

He looks like a fat mother****a. Hes ugly as ****..i used to hit Tracy back in the day =)

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Jamie:  1537 days ago

Who are these people?? Maybe it's just me but they look dirty and trashy. When are TV shows going to bring back glamour and beauty?

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dg:  1530 days ago

well tracy's disgusting in person so thankfully shes famous on camera because nasty isnt even bad enough to describe her...yukkkk

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kmrv:  1473 days ago

tracy is so orange... at least she is with this guy that has a job and is hot cuz lorenzo is so dumb i cant believe

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Pet:  1470 days ago

Ohhhh poor tracy, I can't stand her! Her stupid fake soft voice she betrays to have is faker then ever. Too bad Olivia didn't press charges against her. She gives Cosmetologist's a bad name.

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MIMI:  1455 days ago

Good for you Tracy. He seems very mature and sweet.

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Savage:  1446 days ago

Although I'm not a fan of tracy because I think she has issues , it's great that she has someone of her own. Hopefully she has found happiness and become stable.

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