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Disney Prepares to "Shake It Up"

The cast of "Shake It Up" may look like a bunch of youngins -- but they already hold themselves like pros!

TooFab was recently on the set, where cast members Kenton Duty, Bella Thorne, Davis Cleveland, Zendaya Coleman and Roshon Fegan all busted a move for cameras while talking up their Disney Channel show -- which premieres Sunday night.

Check out our exclusive convos with all the budding talent!

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tamirra:  1546 days ago

this show is gonna suck crap. it's nothing but the same old plot lines only the girls are into dancing. this show is the exact example of wat Disney is going to become once suite life and Hannah end completely.
Phineas and Pherb
Good Luck Charlie
THOSE ARE MY SHOWS RIGHT THER. these girls are gonna have their first Miley and Lily argument in the first season like HM did. so typical i hate it already!!!!

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