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Swift: My Ice Maker Spooks Me!

Taylor Swift
turns 21 next month, but the05_taylor_single country singer is already living an independent, parents-free life, as she adjusts to living on her own. And, for the record, she's loving it--except for her spooky ice-maker!

In an interview with eTalk, the Canadian entertainment TV program, Swift listed the pros and cons of living on her own. The pros?  "The best part about moving out is having my own kitchen, decorating my place, walking around talking to myself, singing all alone, dancing around by myself," she says. "My friends can come over at all hours of the night. If they need some place to stay, they know they can stay with me."

But on the flip side, Swift says, "The worst part about it is I have an incredibly loud ice maker, that sounds like a person is trying to break in! I have conversations with myself in the middle of the night, 'it's just the ice maker, it's just the ice maker, it's just the ice maker,' so I'm getting used to it!"

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