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Patti Stanger Slams Chelsea--Again!

Patti Stanger has had it with trash-talking former employee Chelsea Autumn--and she lashing right back at her!

"The Millionaire Matchmaker" boss lady is fuming that Autumn has questioned her matchmaking skills since Stanger is single. "I have been in relationships that last longer than marriages--I can commit," Stanger tells Life & Style.

And Stanger has also taken issue that Autumn claims to have met her current boyfriend without Stanger's help. "I just had to laugh," Stanger tells Life & Style. "I did set her up with her boyfriend. He asked me out first, but I knew he needed someone younger and [I] gave him Chelsea's number. I later found out that he had no car and home, and I warned Chelsea, but she didn't listen."

Adds Stanger, "You would think that after eight years in the matchmaking business, she would have better judgement skills!"

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Kelly:  1542 days ago

Patti should also learn to hold her tongue! She is the most vile woman I've ever heard talk. There is a fine line between coming off as an intelligent, opiniated woman and a self serving idiot. Patti is the latter. I cannot watch her show and I wonder who would and why?!

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Leslie:  1533 days ago

Everything Patti says is done on purpose to keep people watching, just like the Kardashians and other reality shows. I don't like her foul mouth either but outrageous = success these days. As a culture we have lost our way and don't value or understand class, elegance, true glamour and respect for each other.

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