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Klum Wears "Runway" Loser's Dress

Mondo Guerra didn't win the latest season of "Project Runway" -- but he's still got Heidi Klum in his corner, because last night she wore one of his divisive dresses on the red carpet!

In the finale, Mondo's "polka-dot dress" was a source of argument for the judges -- and while Klum and Jessica Simpson loved it, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia definitely didn't. At one point, Kors even dared Klum to wear it -- and now she has.

Heidi showed up the AFI Fest presentation of "Black Swan" on Thursday in Guerra's skin-tight gown -- and we want to know what you think of it.

Check out the pics, plus shots of Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Winona Ryder and more at the premiere!

Comments (44)

dvelcro:  1540 days ago

Michael Kors and Nina Garcia have no clue about what today's woman should be wearing, and the fact speaks for itself in that they felt Gretchen the bitch was a better designer. The only people that would wear Gretchens clothes are the granola heads in the Northwest. I liked this dress the first time I saw it, they have altered a tad, and it still looks fabulous, way to go Heidi, you rocked it! Mondo got robbed, but I'll bet he is a bigger name in fashion that Gretchen will ever be.

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kcv:  1540 days ago

Love it! Mondo definitely should have won, Gretchen did not even deserve to be in the top 3!

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Mudme:  1540 days ago

Mondo should have won! Michael C should have gone to fashion week! I wouldn't wear Gretchens clothes if you paid me. And, apparently neither would Heidi...otherwise why isn't she wearing the 'winners' clothes instead of the runner-ups?

Gretchen, go get a job at whole foods and leave the designing to those with talent!

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Jenny:  1540 days ago

I think she looks great. I'm done with project runway. Mondo's no loser, he clearly should have been the winner.

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Me:  1540 days ago

Mondo's dress looks awesome on Hedi! Mondo was my pick for most of the season. Not sure why they loved Gretchen so much.

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Heidi W.:  1540 days ago

I WANT THE POLKA DOT DRESS. NOW!! For holiday parties! Where can I buy it????

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Sona Stew:  1540 days ago

We really need to boycott the show, after Mondo did not win

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PT:  1540 days ago

I loved Mondo's original sleeved polka dot dress, the minute I saw it, and the sleeveless version looks fabulous on Heidi! I agree that Mondo should have won the competition. While some of his designs were a little too much, he shows so much originality and design talent. He's definitely more "high fashion" than Gretchen. Sme of Gretchen's designs in her collection were nice and wearable, and I expect to see them on the street, worn by real women. But many are just plain boring,and dull--sepciall the colors (or lack thereof) I can't imagine anyone actually wearing those hideous designs that looked like underpants. I also would have liked to see Michael C. go to fashion week.

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capiscan:  1539 days ago

Michael Kors is sooooo tired. There's a reason more and more of his stuff is going to TJ Maxx, etc.

Loved the sleeveless version of Mondo's dress even more.

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Joy:  1539 days ago

Michael C should have made it to fashion week and Gretchen should not have. I stopped watching it when Michael C got voted of cause I knew that the judges were not going to pick the right person. Mondo and Michael C were the best.

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copgirl:  1539 days ago

I don't know what that hag Michael Kors and his worn-out sidekick Nina were smoking, but HOW could anyone in his/her right mind pick that no-talent Gretchen over Mondo???? I told my husband when her stuff came out on the runway during the finale "They're gonna hate that crap." OMG you'd have thought she was the next Diane VonFurstenberg the way they slobbered over those rags!!!!! Look like something Laura Ingalls Wilder and Nellie Oleson would wear if they were alive today. I wish Heidi had done the right thing and insisted on Mondo since she is the show's producer. He will be around long after Gretchen's stuff is at K-Mart.

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Hmm:  1539 days ago

Hiedi should wear more of Mondos designs;she hadn't looked this good in ages. Her look was getting tres redundant. I'm not shocked by Gretchen's 'win'. I was appalled at the fugly-ness of the '70's (the beige age) the first go-round, and Gretchen's designs are even more blah. Just tired rags if your not 6 ft tall and floating down a runway. And Ms. Klums' private collection was 'all ready been there' and cheap looking, too.

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june:  1538 days ago

Now that Heidi has worn the dress she was supporting, nina should wear the granny panties central to Gretchen's designs.

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margeaux:  1538 days ago

Agree with u all. I didn't hate Gretchen's line but I was shocked that no one noticed that lots were knock offs of clothes. Tres passe.

Mondo took my breath away from the very first episode. I know I'll see his clothes for years to come, I just hope he makes a ready-to-wear line that I can afford.
Gretchen and Michael Kors will probably have an exclusive Target line next year.

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Gabby:  1538 days ago

I used to love watching Project Runway, NOW I"M DONE!!! REally Gretchen!! Can't believe it! Anyone else, but Gretchen

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