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Jessica Simpson's Engaged!

1115_jessicaIt's been just days since Jessica Simpson's ex-husband Nick Lachey announced his engagement to Vanessa Minnillo, and now Simpson is following up with similar news of her own: She and NFL star Eric Johnson are engaged!

A rep for Simpson, 30, said Sunday, "Yes, we are excited to confirm that they are engaged." The pair kicked off their courtship in May, after being introduced by friends.

Simpson has wasted little time showing off the dazzling ring Johnson gave her: She was spotted wearing the Neil Lane engagement ring in Kansas City Saturday at an event for her clothing line.

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skibe:  1537 days ago

So she just couldn't stand it that the ex she threw out was getting married and she wasn't?

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mmms:  1537 days ago

She obviously has jealousy and insecurity issues! Her ex husband announced his engagement not even a week ago. My bet is this wedding won't even happen and if it does, I see divorce # 2 in her future! She is pathetic!

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Tracey:  1537 days ago seems like she has to get engaged so she can get married before nick and vanessa loser

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HOLLY:  1537 days ago

Oh yea! This is gonna last!

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Kimmie:  1537 days ago

Cut her some slack...if she is happy good for her, she deserves it..

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Krissy:  1537 days ago

I highly doubt this is just a publicity stunt to show up Nick Lachey.
Good for Jessica, she is a sweetheart and deserves happiness! All the best!

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Paris:  1537 days ago

She is just plain sad!!!!!!!!! She is so used. She let go a good by listening to her father. Good Luck

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ehlizabetph:  1536 days ago

wow. someone is insecure. i mean really? get a life jessica. you used to be such an amazing person, but you have really let yourself go. you are pathetic and have sunk down so far that you even have to get engaged so you don't feel as bad. get off your butt, lose weight, and turn your life around or you'll end up like an overweight jennifer aniston because i highly doubt that you will stay married long even if you do tie the knot.

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di:  1536 days ago

The green-eyed monster is gonna eat this pathetic girl up...................

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t:  1536 days ago

all I see are so many negative comments. How is it that "she couldn't take her ex's happiness so she had to get engaged"? did she pop the question ? most likely not so it wasn't her who was like ohhh i need to get married now.
If she is happy let it be. its not your life and you don't know the who story no one but she and him will.

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Lisa:  1536 days ago

More likely, Eric was planning to propose for a while and the Lachey engagement made the news first. Congratulations Jessica & Eric!

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mrs.morrison:  1536 days ago

oh come on people...if it wasn't for Jessica Simpson..Nick wouldn't have money right now to marry anyone..and it took him a long time to finally get engaged to her...really long..I think there would be less negative comments on her if people were truly happy with their own lives..Jessica is beautiful and was the bread winner in her marriage to Nick....So she is way better off with her baller than broke @$$ Nick....

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betsea:  1536 days ago

I just feel sorry for her..after 5 months of dating? She will try to upstage Nick no matter what. Great that this quick romance will be the start of a poor marriage. She craves love so much she will do anything. Bet she asked him to marry, probably even bought the ring. As to what the heck he does for a living..he knew a good thing when he found it

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me:  1536 days ago

so happy for her, as soon as i read the headline i smiled bc she deserves every second of this happiness just as much as the next person.

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Val:  1536 days ago

She really is pathetic and it's so obvious what's she's doing. And I love the fact that her "man" was going to get a Masters degree but changed his mind when he saw that media attention grabbing, blond meal ticket!

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