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Jess' Engagement Wasn't Rush Job

Jessica Simpson announced her engagement just days after Nick Lachey -- but we're told the timing is purely coincidental.

Sources close to the situation tell TooFab that even though the two have been together for only six months, Eric Johnson had been planning to pop the question to Jess for a while -- and it had nothing to do with Simpson's ex proposing to Vanessa Minnillo.

As we previously reported, Jessica has said she's "extremely happy" for Nick and Vanessa and wishes them "nothing but the best."

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Becky :  1533 days ago

I'm happy for both of them.

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Redd:  1533 days ago

How tacky of Jessica and what a "hater" she is!! Nick and Vanessa should be laughing their butts off at Jessica's DESPERATE butt right about now!! And how dumb is Eric to ask Jessica to marry him just days after her ex-husband ask his "longtime" girl (get it Jessica) to marry him?!! Maybe to stop Jessica from crying and to make her think about "him" for a change and not Nick!! I know that his mother is fuming!! I would be!!!

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Kevin:  1533 days ago

I wonder how much she paid for her ring.

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jessicatiredofher:  1533 days ago

I think im not the only one whos sick and tired of Jessica and her media antics ever since she got famous and left Nick after the Newlyweds. People watched the Newlyweds because of Nick and Jessica..not only Jessica..Does she really think that people don't know that the story goes she got too big for britches basically and began to love the fame she always craved and loved the attention from the papparazzi over her love for Nick and her marriage? No matter how much these media craving 'celebs' use the media..people aren't dumb..i mean its just gotten too much. Anyway she herself always said she sat back while Brittany and Christina took the now this was her time once she got fame from the Newlyweds it was her time. Nick in an interview said he was shocked when she just out right asked for a divorce with no explanation..and after the whole thing she never ever outright said why she divorced Nick..she put out typical nonsensical blurbs/statements everytime anyone asked because she really couldn't say "i wanted to be a big movie star that's why i dumped Nick" she cried to get sympathy at an unplugged thing for MTV once after the whole divorce drama and Nicks single 'whats left of me' became successful..its all media..all BS..and it still is. People only know you from the Newlyweds Jessica because thats the only thing people remember you from you're trying to act as if one day you just woke up and got famous? no THATS why your don't act as if you don't know that, like you're too big a star now..its ridiculous..and she always said her dad was a minister and shes a Christian? She got married in church and then dumped her husband who loved her unconditionally so she could become rich and famous? i always thought wow, great message to send to all the young girls out their..screw marriage..go for wealth and fame first! Tired of all these media hungry people using the media everyday in everyway just to hold onto their careers! The paps everything is out of control now.

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catherine:  1533 days ago

why can't anybody give her a break? she is either being critized for her weight or relationships. its time for people to back off, if it was the other way around no one would care. CONGRATS JESSICA we should all wish them nothing but the best

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DEE:  1533 days ago

Not Going To Last.

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HWOODPR:  1533 days ago

What's the rush, Jessica. You've only knowm each other 6 months. If it was meant to be, another year is not going to harm the relationship. Take it slow for once!

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Liz:  1531 days ago

Best wishes!

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ANDREA MONTIEL:  1530 days ago

I think everyone should just leave Jessica alone. If she wants to get marry then go for it. Life is to short. People need to worry about there own lifes and stop walking around like sheeps. Wake up smell the coffee. lol... Jessica I wish you the best sweetie.

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