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Check Out Kate Middleton's Ring!

Prince William and Kate Middleton made their debut as an engaged couple today -- where Kate proudly showed off her engagement ring on her left hand.

The couple, who announced their engagement this morning, posed for photos at St. James Place in London after the news broke.

The Prince gave Middleton his mother, Princess Diana's, £30,000, blue sapphire ring.

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gail howard:  1533 days ago

It is a fitting and wonderful gesture that Prince William gave Kate Middleton Princess Diana's ring.
Princess Di was a wonderful person and loved her son's so much and I am sure she is in Heaven looking down this day and feeling so good about her ring being passed on to her son's fiance.

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Gina:  1533 days ago

That is really sweet, but I hope they don't get divorced and his mom's ring takes a hike....

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Marsha Ciervo:  1533 days ago

I think it is certainly not a cursed ring. I think if Kate is happy with that, and William is happy with that, it is a beautiful gesture and is a blessing of good fortune and happiness. Princess Diana wore that ring. She was one of the most beautiful, sensitive, lovliest, and loving people I've ever known of. It could only be something predicting a wonderful and happy marriage. Remember, this is Willian Kate is marrying, not Prince Charles. He has his mother's heart. He will not cheat.

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Cheryl:  1533 days ago

Diana's kids are wonderful. But Charles & his homewrecker have bad Karma coming to them.

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lola:  1532 days ago

she looks old

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ceci:  1509 days ago

He always look really sweet, I really think that he is like his Mother, now she is ok, nothing special, just a normal woman.

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