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Brandy Booted from "Dancing"

Bristol Palin will live to see another week on "Dancing with the Stars."

Brandy and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy were given the boot on last night's shocking elimination episode -- meaning Bristol, Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey will be in the finals.

FYI -- Brandy had a perfect score with one of her dances Monday and an overall score of 57/60. Bristol had a 53/60.

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T:  1532 days ago

the look on folks face...

The people have spoken - deal with it!!

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meyetoi:  1532 days ago

This is absurd. Palin shuld have been gone 4 or 5 weeks ago. She has absolutley no talent. The producers need to somehow get control. This show is losing all credibility. I don't normally belive in conspiracies but I have no doubt now that "Mamas" Tea Party is stuffing the box. Well, they may win the battle, (God forbid), but they will turn off many more with their stupid antics.

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Anne:  1532 days ago

ABC really needs to review their voting process. I honestly have nothing against Bristol and yes she has imporved but she is not the best dancer. In fact she isn't one of the top 3 either. Imagine if she wins over JG next week? Maybe it's time for everyone but the dumbest among us to stop watching.

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Kathy:  1532 days ago

Pristol Palin should have been off the show weeks ago. Her first few dances were painful to watch. If she wins, I will not watch the show next season. The judges have been terrible this season, showing no consistency what so ever with there scores and remarks. I think something is "going on." If I am corrrect, I hope it comes out soon, and DWTS looses a large amount of viewers who have been faithful through the seasons.

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Truth:  1532 days ago

It has to do with user registration at! The republicans and t-baggers are taking it to the extreme. You can make multiple profiles using fake emails and then vote all day long. There is no email verification or IP check when making fake accounts. This is how Bristol Palin has been surviving each week! Her gang of thieves have been racking some 300 + votes per person to keep her in! ABC has an agenda. This glitch has been around since season 1. They need to shut this shiet down and have only phone votes until the internet issue is solved!!

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gloriaad:  1532 days ago


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Rosetta :  1532 days ago

Why was she on the show, she has'nt done anything but have a baby, ok I had twins, am I a celebraty

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Foggy:  1532 days ago

How has Bristol Palin, another no-contribution-to-society celebuspawn, with 2 neck rolls and no chin made it this far? Now, via facebook and twitter, the Palin's have outed their new family ego - Apparently they are racist, homophobic, and even though they are white-trash, throw their newfound wealth around as if that makes them special. The children are actually more pitiful than the mother. With the "mother" always gone, who exactly raises these children and why doers no one ever out Palin on her child abandonment?

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MLW:  1532 days ago

People please it is just a dancing show nothing more....really :)

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Lu:  1532 days ago

I am furious!!! Bristol needed to be gone after the first show! They would have kicked any other star that danced the way she is off in previous seasons, this makes me dislike her and her mom even more. There's got to be something going on under the table.

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Rex:  1532 days ago

If Bristol Palin wins we will know that it is a set up suggesting that there is a way of rigging the votes. Can you say, "George Bush 2000 Florida chad?" I have enjoyed watching Bristol come out of her shell but this is about dancing. IMHO the last three standing really should have been Jennifer, Brandy and Audrina if it was a dance competition.
In the future I think the judges votes should account for 2/3's of the outcome and the viewers 1/3. This is becoming a popularity contest not a dance competition.

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Judy:  1532 days ago

DWTS has turned into a joke! The judges are need to go along with Brooke. Oh, here is a good idea...replace Brooke with could happen.
I will not view this show again.

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shelly:  1532 days ago

The viewers are voting for Bristol because of her "likability" factor. People like her. She comes across as very endearing and unaffected. She is not an actor, nor does she possess the skill set that would require her to be fake on stage. This is why she is getting votes. Brandi may be talented but quite frankly she is annoying. If people don't like the results they need to remember it is a dance show not the presidency. I really hope my kids are never ridiculed and judged based on my political views or my career.

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Cheryl:  1532 days ago

Bristol deserved her spot! She was better than Brandy Monday night! Brandy might have been technically better... but she wasn't very good. Bristol's second dance is what clinched her spot. Her dance made an empression. It was sad and soulful. It was like watching a widow dance with her dearly departed. Thats why she got the votes. It was a dance designed to get votes and she did it very well!

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Shirley C:  1532 days ago

Kristal Palin,

Knows that she does not deserve to still be on the show, she should do the right thing and drop out. even she knows that she should not be there the only reason she is still there is because of her mother Sarah Palin.

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