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Diana's Designer's Advice To Kate

1118_kate_singleTooFab exclusively spoke with Elizabeth Emanuel, the British fashion designer who created the late Princess Diana's wedding gown, and she has some advice for Kate Middleton, who's engaged to Diana's son, Prince William.

"I think she's got a very good figure, so she should probably wear something quite simple, but with a really nice, strong silhouette--probably classic, but with a bit of an edge to it, since she's got a good fashion sense," Emanuel, who has not been commissioned yet to create Middleton's gown, tells TooFab.

Emanuel added she expects Middleton's gown to be immediately replicated for the masses by other designers, following the wedding. "I think it will be very much copied, and if she wears the right dress, it will really set the trend for 2011 and onwards."

As for Middleton being a style icon, Emanuel, who has a couture and eveningwear salon in London called Art Of Being, says, "She certainly is on her way to being a style icon, I imagine she will be."

Emanuel says a key difference between Diana and Middleton, is that Diana had a less-developed sense of style than Middleton does now, since she was 20 when she married Prince Charles in 1981, whereas Middleton turns 29 in January.

"They come from different times, as Kate is a bit older, and she has a defined style," she says. "She has a very distinct look. I would be surprised if she veered from that. Diana was only 19 when we started dressing her; she didn't have a distinct style then. We really guided her."

And needless to say, Emanuel expects Middleton and Prince William's wedding to be spectacular. "Absolutely. It will be a really big wedding. It will be really nice for Britain. Such weddings don't come very often, and it's something to look forward to."

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kathy:  1528 days ago

I suggest Kate wear a simple, contemporary gown for the 21st century and stay away from the puffy sleeves worn by Princess Diana.

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Chia:  1528 days ago

Elizabeth made great points about the type of dress Kate should wear. Diana's dress worked (even though I didn't LOVE it, it was what it was) for a 20 year old, wouldn't work today (it isn't timeless).

Nice job interviewing Elizabeth Emanuel. It would be nice to see what she has been designing.

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Rachel:  1528 days ago

Diana's dress is timeless in that it looks exactly like what you would expect a fairytale princess to wear. I have to say that most people wouldn't be able to pull it off; however, since Diana was so luminous, gorgeous, tall, and slim she was able to. Diana's wedding dress is the most famous wedding dress of all time...there is no competition.

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boo:  1528 days ago

Diana's dress was styled on the type of style seen in Charles II's court. No one ever makes that connection.

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margo schwab:  1528 days ago

Kate is already a trend setter... with her classics and hats are going to make a big comeback!

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Charlene:  1528 days ago

I don't think she should be wearing a simple wedding gown she is marrying a prince. If that were me I would be wearing the most beautiful gown in the world. She is going to be a princess and she should have a princess wedding with all the trimmings. I wouldn't stop at anything to have the most elborate wedding ever.

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Marysia:  1528 days ago

It has been reported that DIANA DID NOT LIKE HER WEDDING GOWN!!! Also, the designers messed up big time by not factoring in the high humidity which is typical in June in London. The wrinkles in the gown were disastorous. I think Kate's dress should be flowy and sparkly and NOT the trashy Hollywood form-fitted with boobs hanging out.

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dawn:  1522 days ago

The dress that DI worn was to big didn't fit her and who ever said it was pretty was sick Di pulled it off but she did't like it and I didn't either. Kate needs to find some one else to make her dress not the one who did Di's dress oh please .....

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lymawan:  1522 days ago

Well I think Kate should wear a simple wedding dress because she not God so that she can wear a most beautiful dress ever. People be simple and stay in natural beauty.

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Sharon:  1522 days ago

I Think, everybody has their own personality. you can't compare the 80's vs 2010 new century.
bouth of them are beautifull

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JC:  1517 days ago

For great Fashion check out

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Blubberbutt:  1516 days ago

Diana wedding gown was hideous. Way too much ugly cheap looking fabric that looked like she was stuck under a quilt. Hopefully Kate will choose something feminine and lovely. With a long train and beautiful veil.My grandfather was a guard at Buckingham Palace when Diana married a much older and glum Prince Charles. Show some happiness bride and groom!!

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Pennsylvania BB:  1496 days ago

I was fortunate enough to see Diana's dress at an exhibition last year. The exhibition also showed video of her on her wedding day. There was also lace that had a special meaning sewn on the dress; each and every bead or embellishment was special to this creation. I must say, after viewing the video and the dress, Diana definitely wore the dress, the dress didn't wear her. The gown was truly meant for a fairy tale wedding. It, and she in it, were spectacular.

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TJ:  1496 days ago

I hope it is not a tailored sheath; nor a billowy fairy tale gown. I hope it is not strapless; nor up to the neck. She seems to like V-necks, rather than rounded and skirts that look "wrapped". Perhaps it will be a "dropped waist", fitted top with 3/4 capp sleaves, and a flowing skirt....though that seems a bit "plain". If she wears her hair down, she must take care that it is not in her face. Cathedral veil would be nice. I think a low, neck bun or knot for her hair would be nice with a veil that sits a bit to the back. I have no idea, obviously, but I would bet she knows exactly what she wants. PS: I liked the wrinkles in Diana's dress, which seemed designed for the masses, rather than for her. I doubt we will see that this time. This couple strikes me as more "real" and, probably, the dress, the wedding, receptions, etc, will reflect the necessary components for "royal" but have much in common with their friends from college and work, more contemporary. I see many elements here for a more successful and lifetime future together for this pair. Their smiles and demeanor seem so genuine.

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