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Anna Kournikova Sports New Ring!

Anna Kournikova's been rocking a mysterious new band on her ring finger lately -- and it's quite the sparkler!

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The tennis star and her boyfriend of 8 years Enrique Iglesias were spotted out at Madeo in L.A. last night, where Anna flashed the new accessory -- which sits on the same finger as the giant yellow diamond that's been there for the past year.

The new band was first seen on her finger back in late October -- just three months after Anna told Graham Norton she and Enrique had no plans to marry. FYI: Enrique's ring finger is still bare.

Anna's camp isn't talking, but we want to know your opinion: Think the duo secretly tied the knot or did Iglesias just buy Kournikova some new bling?

Comments (11)

Chia:  1529 days ago

She keeps her private life private. Good for her.

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tara:  1529 days ago

I am AMAZED that they are still together after 8 years ... Good for them! It must be true love.

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realtycheckie:  1528 days ago

Is their 15 minutes of fame up yet for these two PIGS????

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Gretal:  1528 days ago

For somebody who says they don't talk about their private life she sure likes to flash her rings at the paps every chance she gets because she's desperate to get her picture in the papers. Well, that or take her clothes off. I don't think her rings are real. She's known for her fake accessories and she probably bought them herself because she's a complete loser.

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Toni:  1528 days ago

They've been together for so long, because she is a smart girl and keeps avoiding his proposals for marriage. Marriage seems to change many men. After a while, they give up putting any effort into the marriage, and some start looking elsewhere.

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anon:  1528 days ago

It's very sweet

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Bu:  1528 days ago

Two really gorgeous people!

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diana :  1528 days ago

If its not a wedding ring and they have been together for 8yrs I would dump his ass yesterday. Why is it no one in hollywood or anywhere else for that matter can stay married. I've been married for 26yrs and no I don't have to work at it if I did I would quit. I already have a job don't need two. Love each other, respect each other, enjoy each other, and be happy with each other. People think the grass is greener on the otherside, new grass!! well its only new till you get there then its just grass. Men need to start acting like men and women need to start acting like ladies...a relationship doesn't start off with a one night stand..

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Gretal:  1527 days ago

She can't dump him because no Enrique would mean no gossip about her and so no piccies in the papers. He won't even live with her let alone marry her but she doesn't take the hint. Both of them are always going on about how difficult relationships are blah blah but Diana you are right, you shouldn't need to work at it, that is if you're with the right person.

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anna's dog:  1524 days ago


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LiLT:  1313 days ago

Umm, hate to tell some of you jealou*****eful people, she's the one who keeps saying "No" to Enrique's proposals... they would have been married already if it were up to him, but she keeps saying "No", that she is happy with the way things are & doesn't want to mess up a good thing or like Enrique has said, until kids become involved he's not pushing the issue...oh & btw Gretal, they are living together now in Maimi, so guess your wrong & why do you hate her so bad, what did she do to you? or did you have the hotts for Enrique & he didn't want you!haha Oh & a lot of famous people wear fake/look alike jewelry... they have the real pieces locked up and have another made to wear around most of the time in case they are robbed or it's lost! It's called protecting your investment & yourself, because most thieves know they do this, so unless your looking very closely at the piece no one will know the difference & you know in your mind you have the real thing at home locked away or in a safety deposit box safe & sound. Sheez, some people are just so mean & jealous these days, cant you just be happy for them & the fact they made it work for 8 years, or more, & are still happy & going strong! Good for you Anna & Enrique, hope you have many more happy years together! I just dont get the hatred for her in these comments, maybe jealousy????

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