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Cher Flashes Crowd at Grauman's

Cher got her hands and feet immortalized in cement last night in Hollywood -- but all eyes were on her short dress!

Wearing a crazy short, tight black number, the "Burlesque" star showed off her gams at her Chinese Theater ceremony -- which was attended by son Chaz Bono and even the 64-year-old's mom, Georgia Holt.

Her ensemble was so short, at one point she ever flashed the crowd -- don't worry, she was wearing underwear and quickly recovered.

Check out all the ceremony shots above.

Comments (13)

Paperboy:  1522 days ago

At 64 are you sure that those weren't Depends?

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adgunz:  1517 days ago

If she still has it, FLAUNT it! LIVE IT UP!This merry go round only revolves once!

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Diane:  1516 days ago

Give it a break the woman looks good for any age.

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Joanie Tucci:  1516 days ago

I think Cher is better lookin' now, than she ever was......with a little weight and botox, surgery, hair pieces, fake boobs and etc....She has the money to look this good, but eventually the depends will come and the thongs will go out the window....someone will pay good money for those and she'll still be makin'
She can still belt out some good voice!!!!

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Raejean:  1513 days ago

Cher looks a little chunkier than usual these days, and I think she is covering up a bit more, short skirt in this photo to the contrary. I hope she goes down more of a Liz Taylor road in future and does the elegant thing rather than continue to try to compete with 20 year olds.

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khaild:  1401 days ago


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Aly:  1401 days ago

I think Cher should continue to be Cher and not let the herd tell her what she should and should not dress like because of her age.

Part of what makes Cher great is that she is original. She has taken nothing but heat from the sheeple her whole life for not conforming, but the jokes on them. She did great anyway. I hope she continues to be who she is and doesnt buckle under to some idiotic idea of what is "appropriate."

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Debbie:  1400 days ago

hey, Cher looks damn good! don't be jealous!! it's ugly!

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Paul Decker:  1399 days ago

Go, Cher! She's still got it. She's old enough to be my mom, and were she, I'd have serious oedipal issues.

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morganae:  1396 days ago

Leave Cher alone. She looks better than ever. Have some of you ever been told that GREEN IS NOT A GOOD COLOR ON YOU? I'm sorry you don't look anywhere near that good but thats the way it goes. Get used to it.

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RICHARD:  1396 days ago


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lsantos:  1395 days ago

oh i get it, underwear as outerwear is only available for age sets 0-35 for women? What jack! and for those that have not bod or voice, they have to wear lunch meat? What guano the media birds aare putting out to the dead head public!

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Barbie:  1395 days ago

when I grow up , I want to be just like her ♥

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