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Mariah: I Sing To My Baby Bump!

1119_carey_singleMariah Carey sure seems to believe that a child is never too young to begin introducing music into their life: She's singing whole albums to her baby bump!

When Carey, who's expecting her first child with Nick Cannon, was asked by Radio Disney's Ernie D if there's a particular song from her new "Merry Christmas II You" she's singing to her belly, she said, "The whole album, because I was recording this, and that's what was going on. I just hope that they don't turn out hating Christmas!"

During the interview, which airs Tuesday, Carey said being pregnant means this Christmas will be a bit different. "I'm trying to figure out how I can so some of the things, but a lot of the things are just out. I'm trying to figure out where we're going for Christmas, because I usually go to Aspen, but I'm not supposed to go there this year because I can't ski and I can't really do any of that stuff being pregnant."

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Courtney:  1530 days ago

It's not like she's the first singer of any merit to say this. others have in decades passed even academy award nominees/winners Shirley Jones and Diana Ross so don't go raining on her parade. granted during most of Shirley's pregnancy with her middle son Patrick she was filming the movie Music Man so she couldn't not sing. and besides it's a sweet way to let the child get used to their mothers voice while in the womb as at a certain point they can hear her and know she loves them so much even before their born

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Bronwen:  1529 days ago

since she said "they" does that mean that she is pregnant with more than one baby???

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debi t:  1529 days ago

Mariah said "THEY"!! That is a sure-fire indication to, at least me, that she slipped up and that it does indicate she is pregnant with at least twins...and the person who wrote this article didn't catch that? or address Mariah's slip?? Oh well, guess I best call my bookie!! LOL

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keesh:  1529 days ago

she said "they" because she doesn't know the sex of the baby. she has said that she didn't want to find out.

let's not make it more than it is.

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Cody:  1529 days ago

Omg you guys are dumbasses! "They" doesn't imply twins! She just doesn't know the sex of the baby!! She can't say he because she doesn't know if it's a boy, and vise versa.

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latisha evans:  1528 days ago

maybe she meant her husband it would not be a bad idea for them to spend the holidays together come on ppl if shes having twins and she dont want to say yet why spoil it

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KArla:  1528 days ago

She said they b/c she does not know the sex of the baby Ofcourse she's not going to call it and IT.

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LADY LT:  1528 days ago

I am in no means a professional singer and both I and my husband sang to and read to all of my children in the womb (4). Upon their arrival all of them had more than average voice recognition of both my husband and myself, as well as other music we played frequently throughout the pregnancies. It is wondrous and wish her the very best for her first child. That pregnancy is precious and she will enjoy it greatly. Yall stop hatin'. Let her enjoy her life.

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