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Sandra Bullock To "Millionaire Matchmaker": No Thanks!

Sandra Bullock has declined "Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger's offer to help the actress find a beau, TooFab has learned.

Sandra Bullock Millionaire Matchmaker
Stanger tells TooFab that she approached Bullock last week at Soho House in Los Angeles, when she spotted the Academy Award-winning actress having dinner with Ryan Reynolds. Stanger offered to help Bullock find a soulmate, but she declined, telling Stanger, "I'm good now," according to the "Millionaire Matchmaker" star.

According to Stanger, Bullock's ideal beau should be "attractive, tall, rugged, and preferably with more money than her." Top of Stanger's list are former athletes, entrepreneurs and hoteliers; she warns that Bullock should steer away from actors.

Stanger says she approached Bullock and Reynolds because she wanted to chat with the hunky actor about wife Scarlett Johansson's recent parody of her on "Saturday Night Live."

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Kate:  1528 days ago

BBQ trash

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frances:  1528 days ago

why bother the woman ! she's trying to gain more publicity. but maybe she can help her.

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jane:  1528 days ago

Patti is just too rude for words, why doesn't someone tell her already?

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Victoria:  1527 days ago

I'm not sure and I could be wrong, but isn't this lady all about having high class call girls (gold diggers) doing, God knows what to, rich men to try to get them to marry them? Why would Sandra Bullock want any part of THAT! She's much to classy to get involved with this crap! There have been some crazy things printed about this lady? and her business.

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Deb V in WI:  1527 days ago

I watch her show sometimes and she has made some good connections forsome people I understand but I agree that Sandra Bullock is a very classy woman and though her marriage failed I'm sure she is able to find her own man. She does have kind of a vulgar language problem. Imean Patti and not Sandra. And for the record, most of the dates she sets up, don't work out if you go by what's happening on the show.

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heart girl:  1527 days ago

I used to like Patti but she's been to out there lately...makes me wonder if she's not desperate for clients when she has to approach the millionares....furthermore Sandra is way above that kinda Jesse on the other hand would fit right in.

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catt:  1525 days ago

Sandra is sheer class. As for Patti, I don't know why the millionaires put up with her lip, but she does make for some good TV. And #4...she has a strict 2-drink rule on all get-togethers/dates, and NO sex until the couple are monogamous. (Did I spell that right?) Anyway, the stuff you're reading about her show being full of call girls is complete BS. If the girls even look like they could be, she calls them on it and throws them out.

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Penelope:  1524 days ago

No wonder failing in all ratings.....and is pathetic.

Who on earth is writing your news feeds........pandering to the lowest of the low of our society. The bottom-fishers.


Too bad the top executives don't figure out that the bottom-fishers are not going to help Yahoo.

Creepy, slovenly, icky, losers.......that's the type who is profiled and publicized on Yahoo.

Bring up the standards........then you might have a fighting chance.

Lie down with get fleas.

Pretty gross. Your headlines.....and even grosser your stories!!

What a waste!


ps I am pretty darn sure no one in the leadership of this company will read this......which is even more sad.

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