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Swift's AMA 'Do: Like the Look?

Taylor Swift changed up her style for the AMAs last night -- and traded her signature curls for some bangs and a flat-ironed 'do.

Check out Swifty at the awards (left) -- and last month performing at the "Today" show. (right)

Question is ...

Comments (6)

Spontaneous:  1532 days ago

I dont like taylor. Shes a *o in my book because of all the older men

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5andpregnant:  1531 days ago

She looks pretty :)

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summer:  1530 days ago

i prefer curly ... it looks goooood

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juice box:  1528 days ago

wow she looks like he is starting to loose weight even. hope she doesn't get to thin.

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rolie :  1516 days ago

i love her look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sherry:  1507 days ago

Because she seems so kind to everyone, I give her that. Loved the straight hair & bangs because I've never cared for the way her "peeps" do the sweep over forehead w/the curly look. She needs height up front w/the curls & needs Oprah's eyebrow person give her some real brows instead of a pencil line. The pic w/straight hair looks like she either had her little boobies pushed WAY up or got a boob job to be wth an older man. She certainly has shown in the past her immaturity w/ex boyfriends/boys.Jake G., Mr. Sexy, just seems too much of a man for Taylor-seems creepy together. Reese W. was far better,mature, &classier that comes from life experiences that makes you wonder if Jake will have a song about him when they stop whatever is going on between them, bazarre as they seem as a pair.

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