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"Dancing" Finale: Who Won It All?!

The season finale for "Dancing with the Stars" just went down -- and Jennifer Grey beat out Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin for the coveted Mirror Ball trophy!

After winning, Jennifer said, tearfully, "I didn't think I was going to win tonight but so glad I did!"

This was one crazy season, with fans complaining over Bristol continually advanced to the next round, despite having the lowest scores week after week. After it was announced that she landed in third place, Bristol said she had "so many good memories, it's been such a life-changing experience, and I've had the time of my life."

Audrina Patridge, Brandy, Florence Henderson, David Hasselhoff, The Situation, Kurt Warner, Margaret Cho, Michael Bolton and Rick Fox also competed this season, to no avail.

Congrats Jennifer!

Comments (15)

linds__mac:  1528 days ago

I was rooting for Kyle and Lacey, but Jennifer did great and she definitely deserves it! :)

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yolanda bowen:  1527 days ago

i realy dont know y bristol end up into the top three. its not fair even though brandy is'nt one of my favourate she was the one that should be there.but as i say life is'nt fare.

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hatethisb*tch:  1527 days ago

kyle should have won. jenifer is a loser in my books cuz right at the beginning she played on patrick swayze's death, boo-hooing and carrying on like she had lost her best friend and she was doing this for him. he apparently never spoke to her since the movie, they weren't friends! plus, her botoxed face is gross.

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Lynda:  1527 days ago

Can you say GO BACK TO SCHOOL and learn how to spell.... Why can't people just accept this for what it is? Oh my hell, we didn't just vote for the president of the United States. It's a dancing show, it's meant to be fun not HATEFUL!
Jennifer doesn't have a "Botoxed" face She is a beautiful 50 year old woman who should be proud if how she looks!

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liberalpatriot:  1527 days ago

Re: Bristol Palin surviving DWTS, can you say "politics"?!? C'mon, folks - get real. Doesn't thinking she truly deserved to be there require a certain kind of doublethink? PS - Jennifer Grey looks wonderful at 50. I should have looked half as good....

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Maria:  1527 days ago

Wow! This competition was so unfair. Jennifer Gray should never been allowed to compete. She already knew how to dance. The clueless people out there really don't get it .Can you say DIRTY DANCIN! Hello! She was so far advanced in dancing compared to the others completely raw skills. There's nothing more boring than watching an experience dancer compete with new raw talent and watching the judges gush over how beautifully Jennifer danced each time . She should have scored tens every time! No she shouldn"t have been there in the first place!

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Danita:  1527 days ago

I feel like it was rigged now you know Brandie shouldnt have went home Miss Bristol shouldve went home she was so not that good

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sharon:  1527 days ago

Bristol should have gone home instead of Brandy that nightof the eliminations. I didn't like Brandy's attitude but she was the best except for Jennifer, who, by the way hasn't danced sinced DD. She is an actress. And beautiful and did dance through all that pain...I have the same and it is not something I'd dance through. Kyle was very good as well, but I believe the best person won but that Bristol
did take the trophy away from Brandy. Then it would have been Brandy,Jennifer,and Kyle.In my opinion. Bristol would never had anything to do with it,most likely.

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maureen:  1526 days ago

Jennifer definitely deserved to win. She was the best dancer by far. Brandy should have been in the finals rather than Bristol. We all know Bristol was there because of tea party block voting. She even had the nerve to believe she belonged in the finals. Do you remember the dances where she even forgot the steps. Where was Bristol's mother on such an important night? - she was signing books in Phoenix. I'm glad she's not my mother. For those uninformed people, Jennifer danced only once - in Dirty Dancing and before the movie was even released she was in a MAJOR car accident with Matthew Broderick where she was badly injured. She never danced again. She was in her 20's at the time. She is now 50 - twice the age and more of the two others in the finals and she danced circles around them. She's amazing and she has a trim and fit body that allowed her to do things the others could not. I would like to see you doubters work through that much pain. I am constantly in pain from a car accident so I have a really good idea of how much she has suffered. She won because she was the BEST. End of story.

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Robert Scott:  1526 days ago

C'mon, people... this was just a so called"dance contest"...Not a political poll or anything else!! Way to go, worked hard and took the big prize...AND YOU LOOK GREAT!! Semper Fi!!

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gay goose:  1526 days ago

Yes, the right person won!!! She is a beautiful lady and yes, she did her bit in Dirty Dancing but in DWTS she did more thatn one dance which she had only one week to do it. I agree that Kyle deserved to be in the finals but not Bristol. Her mothers' fans put her there. I for once agree with Barbara Bush that she should stay in Alaska and spop stiring up trouble.

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bridgette kunard:  1525 days ago

i thought jennifer would get it from the start.

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Jan:  1525 days ago

Jennifer Grey from Day 1 has been the best dancer in this competition. Bristol is young and I respect that she took this on...knowing up front that she would be criticized and was willing to do it anyway. I think she improved alot but there were several dancers who were better. Forget the popularity contest...for the first time in the history of the show..the judges went soft on her...they didn't have the guts to criticize her when they were so hard on everyone else. Shame on them. Also its true...Jennifer is not a trained dancer..she is an example of what hard work and perserverance can achieve....and unbelievable at 50. She deserved it and had she not one...this would have been my last season of watching DWTS.

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Jean:  1525 days ago

I have to admire Bristol and Mark. They worked so hard and he must be one heck of a dance teacher.

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Cathy Bartleson:  1525 days ago

I was very very disappointed when Brandy was voted off. What the heck. Is this show a popularity contest or a dancing contest?

I believe America should be allowed to vote for up to the last four competitors, THEN it should be the Judges decision. After all, they know technically so much more than the general public. The judges are the EXPERTS at judging.

PLEASE let this show be a dancing contest and NOT a popularity contest!!!!

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