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"Dancing" Star: Kyle Deserves To Win!

"Dancing With The Stars" pro dancer Lacey Schwimmer isn't being shy about who she thinks should snag top honors during tonight's season finale: Her dance partner, Kyle Massey, of course!

"The way I look at it is, we have a one-in-three shot at winning," Schwimmer tells TooFab, laughing. "I am very proud of Kyle, he has come so far, he is the most improved celeb dancer and deserves to win."

But on a more collegial note, Schwimmer adds, "All the finalists deserve to win. It's up to the viewers to vote. I have faith that we will go home with the mirror ball!"

And she says, it's about time the show veer from its female-heavy roster of winners, taking into consideration the other two finalists, Jennifer Grey and Bristol Palin: "And it's been a good while since a guy has won this show!"

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M.Sampson:  1529 days ago

Jen was a dancer, not the other two

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Jan P:  1529 days ago

jen is an actress..she only knew the dirty Dancing routines..come on..she's 50! her routines have been more difficult and enjoyable to watch

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Violette-Blue:  1529 days ago

My two favorites from the beginning have been Kyle & Jennifer. I want Jennifer to win. She's beautiful, talented and 50 years old. She has been working her butt off on the show. Kyle is my runner up. He's adorable and also worked his butt off, but he is less known and I don't think he has been as good as Jennifer.

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Debi:  1529 days ago

Jennifer thinks she's all THAT and a bag of chips!!! Kyle is the man!!! He's cute, fun and improved the most...he should win!!!

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SDSARA:  1529 days ago



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eva:  1529 days ago

Of course nobody else will complain about aches and pains....THEY'RE NOT FIFTY!!!! She also has had surgery that has left her with a titanium plate in her neck to stablize her spinal cord. So no...I don't think she is complaining too much!!

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I Chinee:  1529 days ago

Kyle and Lacey! They so deserve it.

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hannah :  1529 days ago

Go kyle!!!! not jen because she is stuck up and thinks she is all that and not palin because she's not the best dancer on the show. Go kyle I have meet him many times and he rocks. Go KKKKYYYYYYLLLLLEEEE!!!!!!!!

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debye.:  1528 days ago

I hope Kyle And Lacey win. They are so entertaining and fun to watch. Kyle has so much charisma and has improved very much since the beginning of the season

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Marie:  1528 days ago

i think kyle should win! GO KYLE AND LACEY!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!

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jess:  1528 days ago

i don't care who wins, as long as it's not bristol.

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scott:  1528 days ago

First the best dancer is Jennifer Grey. Her and her partner have received the hightest scores of the 3 finalist. Kyle is o.k. But come on It's time for someone in their 50's to win it. Like everything else it's always the young people. And for Bristol the only reason she in the final becaue of her mom and thats it. It's all about who is the best dancer and not who's the most popular. If Bristol or Kyle wins it then I know its fix.

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Mariel:  1528 days ago

Jennifer is a good dancer but, just because you are 50 does not give you the right to complain so much. If she had all those problems and was going to complain all the time then she shouldn't have joined the show. I know dancing is tough on anybody's body but come on stop trying to win the sympathy vote. Also, I think it's appropriate to clarify that a 50 year old has won. Donny Osmond just won last year and he was 52 and although he did make mentions to his age he didn't complain half as much as Jennifer has been.

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LittleMo:  1528 days ago

Donny Osmond also dances professionally so he was in a hell of a lot better shape for the rigors of dancing than Jennifer. It wasn't even just a matter of "all those problems." When she went to get the medical clearance to do DWTS Jennifer found out the nerves and ligaments in her neck were torn and even a little bump could paralyze her. It was only 3 months before the shot started that she had a titanium plate and screws put in her neck to fuse/stabilize it. She has made the grade despite that. The one who doesn't deserve to be there is Bristol. Everyone worked hard and everyone improved, not just her. But, she wasn't as good as Florence when she left, or as good as Audrina when she left, or as good as Kurt when he left, and she damn sure was nowhere near as good as Rick and Brandy when they left. Yet she has the audacity to be proud of what she has cheated her way into. She has no integrity at all and, for support that, Mark Ballas should be ashamed of himself.

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Bonnie:  1528 days ago

Ok, Jennifer has been trained by her father ALL HER LIFE which makes her a trained performer. Donny Osmond is an entertainer and I too had a problem with him winning. I am sick and tired of putting "dancers" on the show and then others like Kyle don't have a chance. Kyle should have won but he will not just like last season with Nicole who was a dancer who won. I would rather Bristol win than Jennifer because she is trained and it is not fair. I was for Kyle but would settle for Bristol but it is not fair for a trained Jennifer to even compete at all. The show should be for sports players, people like Kyle and entertainers who never dance, I don't even think music performers who dance in their shows should be able to do the show because of the staged dance moves. Lets face it in the end the judges made sure who was going to win, because Jennifer messed up on her first dance and they never counted her off for it because of her injury which is bull crap. They wanted her to win and made sure of it with the highest score. I am through with the show.

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