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Penelope Cruz Shows Off Her Baby Bump

Penelope Cruz proudly put her baby bump on display last night in NYC.

Penelope Cruz Pregnant Photos 2010
Cruz, who is about 7 months along with Javier Bardem's kid, showed off her pregnancy curves at the Empire State Building on Tuesday while promoting (RED)'s new campaign "An AIDS Free Generation Is Due in 2010."

The campaign highlights the possibility that by 2015, mother-to-child transmission of HIV could be eliminated.

Comments (6)

Courtney:  1515 days ago

Penelope looks great pregnancy suits her really well

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Antoniette D. Marinay:  1513 days ago

Even though she is 7 months pregnant she is still pretty.

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stella moskawitz:  1513 days ago

Penelope Cruz is just adorable, and she looks even more so pregnant!

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Ana:  1504 days ago

OMG!!!....did not know that she was preggo....congrats omg she so gorgeous.

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bofaciorao:  1493 days ago

hmm why don't you dress up like a cat then dress your tummy up as a fishbowel have it painted up like a fish bowl

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Diane:  1488 days ago

Only Penelope could make pregnancy look THIS sexy!

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