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Mila Kunis: JT Sex Scenes Were "Awkward"

Mila Kunis gets hot and heavy with Justin Timberlake in her new movie -- but apparently it wasn't as fun as it sounds.

"It's very awkward, it just is," Mila tells Ellen DeGeneres in an episode airing today, "I mean, the truth is, we got to have very uncomfortable scenes for two weeks."

Mila, who co-stars with JT in "Friends with Benefits," adds "There's like 150 crew men watching and you see each other's bits and pieces. The whole thing is just wrong."

Their movie opens July 2011.

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Scudrunner51:  1478 days ago

I've watched 'love making' scenes & it is awkward for the actors as all those people standing there watching you & critiqueing your every move. Its not easy. I quit acting because of scenes similar to that I was told to do & rather than be 'Black Listed' in Hollywood I walked away from it....not that she should...& she shouldn't let Hollywood turn her into a Slut either..If she reads a script & there are scenes that depitc things she'd be uncomfortable doing, don't sign the contract. Keep your dignity! But sadly thats what sell's today...& if she wants to keep working, she has to give in....

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Scudrunner51:  1454 days ago

My assignment was completed so Scudrunner 51 is back....Mila should check out the story in Yahoo about an actress who did a nude scene...Maria Schneider who just died at 58. She spoke about what it did to her to do nudity, how it affected her. Read the article M & think about what your doing...Watch Masterpiece Theater & then work on a Character to present other than 'Yoursefl'. I'd tell you to your face but you talk too much...

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Scudrunner51:  1331 days ago

I watched the trailer &, well, I won't go see the movie. Its too bad that good story's & acting ability's don't sell movies anymore. Enough is enough! I know how to have sex. It would be refreshing to see a movie with a good story line, plot & good acting again rather than the constant barrage of sex. Sadly people today need visual stimulation as they don't have an imagination anymore. Mila is a good actress & should concentrate on doing more serious role's instead of these 'comedy's....

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Scudrunner51:  1330 days ago

I watched the 'Movie' awards & saw Justin & Mila ham it up, Justin getting a feel. Well, how old are you Mila? Justin? I guess that is real adult behavior. & Mila, start dressing modestly. The Mini's are getting old. Let the world see a more 'Professional' Mila & maybe you can get better parts...Black Swan was a start....Strive to get a lead role. I've had several 'roles'......Dinner, Kaiser & Tootsie.

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Scudrunner51:  1328 days ago

Am I the Only one who comments? See, she's NOT all that. I just wanted to say that in the 'Trailer' for 'Friends' when Mila is facing Justin you can see the 'Cover' on Mila's Breasts. Its quick but between her upper body & right upper arm you can just make out the material....Just sayin...

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