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Daughtry Flashes His Twins!

Chris Daughtry just posted the first photo of him with his newborn twins -- and they have more hair than he does!

The "American Idol" contestant-turned-rocker writes "I'm SO in love" with the twins, Adalynn Rose and Noah James, on his Twitter moments ago.

The two babies were born through a surrogate last month and join Chris and wife Deanna's two other children, Hannah and Griffin.

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Karen:  1516 days ago


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rhondaanna:  1515 days ago

Chris and Deanna, cherish these moments. You definitely deserve the addition to your family. I know that big brother Griffin is loving his new baby brother and sister. Griffin, be the best big brother you can be...I know you will do a great job.

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Kimberly Davis:  1515 days ago

Looks like you all will need a Hugga Bebe soon. Give me a call or email me and we will send you a couple for your two sweet babies.

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jms:  1515 days ago

Awww, he looks in love. We all with kids have had those moments :)

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April Deonna:  1515 days ago

Beautiful! He looks like he is in love!

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Sophie:  1515 days ago

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for them.. Chris definitely looks like he's in heaven.. how awesome!

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mrs t:  1515 days ago

hugs..... rock

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Tiffany:  1515 days ago

How cute my 3yr olds name is Adalynn Rose!

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grace:  1515 days ago

Chris never let go they are tooooooo cute!!!!!.BLESSINGS BE.

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