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Gabriel, Who? Kim's Now Dating A Basketball Player!

Kim Kardashian has moved on from Halle Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubry, and is now dating New Jersey Nets basketball player Kris Humphries, TooFab has confirmed.

And yes, the mouth-watering 6'2"-tall, 235-pound athlete shares the same name as Kardashian's mom. And his family apparently shares a similar obsession with the letter "k": His sisters are Krystal and Kaela.

Kris Humphries
A source tells TooFab, "Kim and Kris met the first week of November. They've been taking it slow. They just get along so well!"

The source adds that Kardashian, 30, was seeing both Aubry, 34, and the Minneapolis-born Humphries, 25, simultaneously, but the athlete won out. "Kim was trying to date around, and just be single, so she met Gabriel, but things just started to heat up with Kris, so she ended it with Gabriel."

As "Life & Style" first reported, Kardashian and Humphries had a recent date at Nobu in New York City, as well as a Dec. 5 date at Maxwell's Bar in Hoboken, N.J.  And on Nov. 29, Kardashian headed to Newark, N.J., to watch her new beau play.

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nikkia:  1510 days ago

Damn, this is like her 5th public relationship; Ray J,Reggie Bush, Myles Austin,Gabriel Aubry and now this Kris guy, slow down Kim!

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go girl:  1510 days ago

She needs to keep dating a lot of different guys. It's time for her to start looking for a husband. She's 30 and wants to have children soon.

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mweb:  1507 days ago

Now I'll be able to sleep tonight.

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MARIA:  1507 days ago

OK you all condemn her because she dates around and had a sex tape but guess what she's laughing all the way to the bank. I say she should get it while she can men have done it for years why cant she date or even sleep around its her choice.

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Bklyn:  1506 days ago

Leave Kim alone.Let her date and sleep with whoever she wants..Its not your life or your wife so dont worry..She is a very nice person with a good heart..Shes smart, financially stable and in the public eye all the time.Shes laughing straight to the bank.There is no such thing as bad publicity and she knows she is being photographed.Any other woman thast not a celebrity does the same thing.They just dont have a million paparazzi around them.She is ready to settle down and get married.Sometimes you have to go through a few bad apples to find the right one!!

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KT:  1506 days ago

You haters need to quit, jealousy is not attractive! Kim is a gorgeous, smart girl and shes not a slut. Everybody makes mistakes, nobody is perfect!

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stacy jenkins:  1503 days ago

Who freaking cares? Can we cover real news stories besides who is dating who and who is scoring who? Sorry, but I don't really care.

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Ziz:  1497 days ago

Good for Kim!

Reality is calling you stacy jenkins you are not at the New York Times website, this is toofab and it's all about celebrity gossip ...move along

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roger:  1495 days ago


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betty:  1491 days ago

why is all the fuss about kim and kourtney? WE ALL know thay khole is the the star, we love her. she is not fake , khole keeps it real, i love her and lamar as a couple, catch up kim and kourtney,

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silkraquel:  1488 days ago

Everybody in Hollywood is a slut, Nimrods. Duh!

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beast:  1455 days ago

tap that

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MZ. CROSS:  1455 days ago

SHE EARNED IT.....$ $ $ $

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snookie:  1454 days ago

I am so sick of hearing about Kim Kardashian. she is obviously loose with zero morals. Who cares??????????!!!!!?

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MotownPeach:  1437 days ago

Kim is young and single; she should date. She appears to have standards for herself and doesn't seem promiscuous. I think it's a good thing that if she discovers something doesn't fit in her life, she doesn't try to make it work anyway. That sex tape was made during an ongoing relationship that she thought was love. The fact it mysteriously turned up all over the internet is a whole other talk show!

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