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Oprah Lands Down Under!

Oprah Winfrey spent some time with a cute sidekick today in Australia -- a koala named Elvis!

Winfrey, who shipped 302 members of her audience down under to film for the 25th and final season of "The Oprah Winfrey Show," touched down on Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef earlier today.

There she hit up the Hamilton Island Wildlife Park with her BFF Gayle King and was photographed hanging out with a koala.

Filming will continue through next week and the show will air in January 2011.

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Mick in Melbourne:  1509 days ago

Hey Tracey in NJ! Oprah isnt far away from toucing down in Melbourne. I'll do my best to show her around :) Wish u had snuck on that plan!

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tiggerjoy:  1506 days ago

The Aussies are blessed. Oprah i am 53 and watched you through the 25 years. It was an amazing ride. I enjoyed your shows.
I like the way you let the gossip keep rolling, because things that aren't true, and have no use in life, don't deserve a moment of life wasted on it.
You have inspired me to make it through tough times, encouraged me to accomplish moments in which my life can be defined. Thank you and injoy Australia!

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oz in thailand:  1503 days ago

I've been told several times from my many years travelling that Australia would have to be the world's friendliest country. Now that Oprah has endorsed with sincerity and confirmed is exactly what our beautiful country is made of.

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Norma Sherwood:  1490 days ago

Hello Oprah
You looked very happy in Australia, and the yellow blouse you are wearing says it all. The Koala Bear, is so relaxed in Oprah's arm. Oprah, I can tell you are having a great time in Australia.

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lovililo caroline:  1488 days ago

Hi Oprah,am a Tanzanian girl and i look up to u as one of my role models.I pray for u and God bless u.As u water into other peoples lives,God will water into yours.In terms of friends and people who love and pray for us.I love God because while he allows people who dislike us for no particular reason into our lives,he also brings people who loves us for no apparent reason.God bless you and yours.

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yvonne grace smith:  1474 days ago

luv ya oprah,u r one hell of a lady & i can relate 2 u,3 uncels,[barsters]a dominating mother 59 yrs nursed her with cancer at 80=83 i luved her she had presansts she was luvly lady.anyway i just luv u 2 make a statement about our floods i know it would make a big impacked.iam gay at 68 it not easy but i have a lovely lady 59.took me a long time 2 come out owe cares as long as u r happy,tell them 2 get well end truely?????**/'luv u from australia.WOW WOW WOW

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Veronica Stevenson:  1461 days ago

Hi my name is Veronica and i live in Nashville,tn a matter of fact i live right off of Lischey Ave on S.back Ave.Very close to your fathers use to be babar shop. That is now on the other side of the street i actully have sent my son to his shop a few times for a hair cut.I've seen your father a few times but never shock his hand.Oprah i was wondering if i can pull you just for a monment a speak with you a about somthing. But the crazy thing is am scaried to out my information over the internet.I Hope to hear from you soon. Aagin thank's for your time

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