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First Look: Brand New "Pirates of the Caribbean" Pics!

Disney has released the first official shots from "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" -- and they all show Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow up to his old tricks!

The new pics show Captain Jack killing time with Penelope Cruz, who still looks seriously sexy in her pirate gear, and hiding out from unknown foes.

The first trailer for the flick is set to debut next Monday -- and you better believe we'll have it here once it drops!

The movie opens May 20, 2011.

Comments (7)

jill:  1508 days ago

Is she supposed to be replacing keria knightly's part or is she a new character? hopfully she's a new one.

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Rebecca:  1508 days ago

I can't wait to see it :)Im glad its more captain Jack this time around :)

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Michael Wisper:  1508 days ago

Does Johnny Depp ever SLEEP? He must not, to find time to do all the projects he does. Either that, or he films them all at once and just swaps out make-up and costumes on the fly from one studio to another. Frankly, the pic of this Cruz character looks an awful lot like Keira, so I'm guessing Keira was unavailable or just not interested in another "Pirates" turn and Penelope's stepping into the role. Will Orlando Bloom be back for this turn?

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person:  1507 days ago

For all you people out there that LOVE the P.O.T.C movies, penelope is not a replacement for keira.
orlando and kiera and most of the rest of the cast are not featured in this movie. its a whole new story with a new set of characters, but ofcourse keeping Jack Sparrow.

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anen87:  1507 days ago

Penelope is a NEW character she is Angelica a pirate, the daughter of Barbosa!

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the fabulous killjoys!:  1507 days ago

PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!! I now eat lots of cheese and fruit and wear an eye patch 24/7! My eye has a really bad tan line now! Now I have to wear it! I hate life. :) But i still <3 pirates of the carribean even tho it ruined my social life!
Love the crazy monkey with a white eye!

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Junie:  1506 days ago

I think Penelope Cruz is another Character.

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