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"Glee" Production Shut Down by Strep!

One member of the "Glee" club might not be singing for a little bit -- TooFab has just learned production on the show was halted today after one cast member came down with severe tonsillitis and strep throat!

Though Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss and Chord Overstreet were all spotted filming scenes for the show just last night, TooFab has learned today's shoot was canceled after someone -- we don't know who -- was told they were too contagious to come to work.

We're told a couple of other cast members are also feeling sick and doctors will monitor them day-by-day to decide when to resume taping.

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caz:  1514 days ago

According to Dianna Agrons twitter she is one of the affected members.....

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Nikki:  1513 days ago

Yeah Kaz says on her twit she wishes she got the flu shot and is hoping her bed, medicine, soup, thecomputer and a marathon of movies will be the cure to get rid of it for her.
Feel bad for her because I need flu shots every year but every year I get sick and sent into hospital xmas time.
Hope she gets well soon.

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dean:  1513 days ago

It was Dianna Agron. She posted on her twitter account she was sick.

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noteme:  1511 days ago

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