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Inside George Clooney & Elisabetta's Date Night: He Tips $100!

George Clooney sure is a class act: Following a romantic dinner with girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis Saturday night at an LA.-area Chinese restaurant, he tipped the wait staff $100!

A source tells TooFab that while dining at Studio City's Chi Dynasty restaurant, the couple "held hands, were laughing and were super cute with each other."

The couple, who began dating in 2009, kicked off their meal with egg rolls and lettuce cups, followed by fried rice, chow mein, chardonnay shrimp and orange chicken. And the drink of choice? Sake, of course!

Before leaving the restaurant -- which is also frequented by the likes of Jessica Simpson and Kirstie Alley -- Clooney slapped down a $100 tip, and left without any leftovers!

Just a few days earlier, on Wednesday, Clooney's Italian beauty was spotted shooting a commercial on the streets of Rome for the Festival of Sanremo. It was also announced this week that Clooney will play flamboyant auto executive John DeLorean in a biopic.

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GINA2FAB:  1504 days ago

George Clooney was an adult when he made it big in Hollywood. He was a blue collar guy who understands a simple premise; many people work a long hard day but yet receive just enough to get by on. This is a man who is grateful for his position and for his fans and tips well in celebration of this notion.

Unless, of course, he just left a $100.00 tip just to impress his new girlfriend.

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Lea:  1503 days ago

Tipping is 15% at least. How much did he spend? It's just not proper to leave a $10 tip when a) you know he keeps more benjis in his piggy bank under his bed and b) if he spent a generous amount of money there. And hey, maybe the service was really good?

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is16gr8:  1503 days ago

WHATEVER .............

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RK:  1503 days ago

Played hoops a couple times a week with him before he made it big. Great guy then, great guy now.

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Suzanne Devlin:  1503 days ago

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this man. He is perfect!!!!!

I want him for Christmas.

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James:  1503 days ago

No, not "of course." Sake is Japanese, not Chinese, you fool.

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Sabri:  1503 days ago

He is not the only or the fisrt star to tip big. I was tipped by Alicia Keys 100 dollars too, and her bill was only 130 dollars. There are a lot of generous tippers.

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JJ:  1502 days ago

I don't really think that 100 dollars a such a big tip. It's nice of him though.

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Manhattan:  1487 days ago

She is gorgeous ! Natural Italian beauty . . . !

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Vodka:  1447 days ago

A $100 tip? For Clooney? Hell....I've tipped that myself and I only make $36,000 a year!! And that was me at a restaurant/bar by myself!! And My bill was only $51.00!! I just like the people...service...and understand hard work! He could have afforded lots more....ain't nothing to him or other big stars!!

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