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Tom Cruise Packs on the Muscle

He may be shooting a new "Mission: Impossible" flick, but the only guns on set with Tom Cruise yesterday were his arms.

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Cruise was spotted showing off his muscles while filming "Ghost Protocol" in Vancouver -- and they've certainly been getting a workout, as Tom has been doing a lot of his own stunts for the movie.

Though they traveled with him to Prague for filming in September, Katie Holmes and Suri weren't on set this week -- Katie's been shooting her new movie with Adam Sandler in L.A.

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Sue from Tampa:  1510 days ago

I agree. "massive muscles"? Yeah he is in okay shape but I certainly wouldnt call his muscles massive. he just looks like a normal fit guy. Also I am so bored with every time him doing a movie, "doing his own stunts" it;s like he is so insecure about his masculinity that he feels the needs to prove himself. I don't think he is gay but he seems SO insecure about his masculinity its like he feels the needs to overcompensate.

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Mark Cothern:  1370 days ago

Rest assured, he's only doing the stunts the studio's insurance provider lets him do...

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