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Tony Romo Engagement: See the Ring!

Another one of Jessica Simpson's exes is gettin' married: Football star Tony Romo!

Tony Romo Engaged to Candice Crawford
Romo popped the question to "Gossip Girl" star Chace Crawford's sister, Candice Crawford, a reporter for the CW station in Dallas, TX.

Her station, KDAF, posted a pic of the engagement ring on their site -- and it's impressive!

The website says the couple was celebrating Candice's 24th birthday with her family when Romo proposed.

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tn:  1406 days ago

well it looks like he wanted to marry someone he could take home to mom without the baggage.

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Dee Dee:  1406 days ago

oh 2 years they'll be hitting the divorce circuit. Athletes and marriage = bad combination.

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Jason:  1406 days ago

She's gorgeous. He's just gross. Beauty and the beast, for sure.

Oh, and he's the most overrated QB in NFL history. Even his peers voted him the #1 most overrated QB.

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Gail Charles:  1406 days ago

HURRAY!!! Enjoy your special day. Just LOVE the ring is Wild & Beautiful as you are as a couple of LOVEBIRDS. Be good, Play nice! Best regards, Gail O:)

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Isabella:  1406 days ago

My response to "Jason": "RIGHT ON!!! Even I'M a Dallas Cowboys fan and I agree with you...Tony Romo is SO overrated! I think he needs to go already. Never liked him.Never will. I wish we could keep his backup QB...HE seems to be doing a MUCH better job than Romo ever will! =)

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Isabella:  1405 days ago

Oh and "Hurray for the NFL"...who I'm sure just footed the bill for an expensive piece of bling.

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Bill:  1405 days ago


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brittney:  1405 days ago

i love the dallas cowboys

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janie7029:  1405 days ago

I do not like him , I feel bad for all the raging going on for the movie stars and athletes.... she is pretty close.
I think the celebrities got tired of being cheated on by each other, the celeb 'pool' is getting 'smaller'... so they are going for athletes, ugly ones. should of went for the guys behind the scenes, look at all the happy ladies who have done that.

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Carolyn:  1405 days ago

I think Romo needs to go but hopes his marriage will
work and be happy ever after..

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Jessica :  1403 days ago

Yikes - Run Candice RUN!!! & take that gorgeous rock with you. Haha.

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J:  1403 days ago

Hmmmm, I wonder if she will still marry, or stay with him once he no longer plays for the Cowboys, and if No other team picks him up??? Which is soon! Sorry, but I give them 2 years tops. At least she gets to keep a nice ring!

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Cyn:  1403 days ago

I unfortunately am from the same town in WI at this douche bag luckily I am a bit older and did not have to suffer school with him. I hope this girl can change him and can deal with his hard partying ways when he goes home to visit. Its sad his family is really nice too but he has had his ego stroked all of his life which well has resulted in this.. I say Dallas,TX can keep him Burlington,WI doesn't need him.

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J:  1402 days ago

Romo over-rater? Please, that's an understatement! He's a legend in his own mind!
The Cowboys are doing really well now. Tony who?


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"M":  1402 days ago

Wow! The world is so full of haters! So sad!

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