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Christina Aguilera: 30 Years of Wild Style!

Christina Aguilera turns 30-years-old today -- and her wardrobe over time has been absolutely insane!

From her innocent "Genie in a Bottle" years, through her "Dirrty" days to now, check out the evolution of X-tina's style.

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luan:  1500 days ago

she suck a good **** brother

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eunice:  1499 days ago

i would like to say something nice about this article but i can't even see the pictures of xtina over the years. make sure these gallaries works

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noteme:  1499 days ago

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Catlinh:  1498 days ago

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Wilones:  1498 days ago

All the ladies and dress ups are cool and sexious.
nice event.

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Creeep Ol Man:  1495 days ago

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Ms. Tottie Butt :  1490 days ago

Girlfriend "keep" on trying, someday. You steal
the show" no way not at the least. Attractive Cher and Madonna create the "Star" look! Christina your ripp off of something. Horror show, Lady Gaga has become Dazzling Glamor Bitch!
To bad Christina someday or what? You get acclaim

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