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Megan Fox Without Makeup!

Film vixen Megan Fox covers up every flaw when she does the red carpet -- but yesteday she stepped out with a makeup free face!

media_removed_toofab 102011
Fox and husband Brian Austin Green kept it casual as they walked around L.A. on Thursday, and despite having no beauty products on her famous mug, Megan still looked pretty darn good!

Check out all the fresh faced shots!

Comments (6)

MCkenna:  1405 days ago

She's still very beautiful without make-up!!

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Catlinh:  1402 days ago

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bstensland:  1382 days ago

Wow! Totally naturally gorgeous.

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lisa:  1377 days ago

ugly ass bitch

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bethany:  1373 days ago

Lisa don't be hating just because your an ugly ass bitch!!

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Reynaldo:  1372 days ago

Megan, if I were you I will take a dramatic course and learn acting.

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