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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Just Friends?

They may say they're just friends, but Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez continued to look like a couple this weekend in Miami.

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Selena and Justin, who played a show at the American Airlines Arena, tried to play it cool when cameras caught them out on Saturday afternoon.

Check out the pics, then let us know what you think:

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shawtymane6:  1499 days ago

I think that they are dating and i am happy for them! The thing that i'm un happy about is that Justin and Selena wont just come out and tell us! They really need to, to make all of their fans happy! I am a huge fan of Justin and a fun of Selena! On November 5th 2010 I saw Justin live at the AT&T Center! My friends and I got to meet him at the meet and greet! It was the best night of our lives! We love Justin and we really don't to see him get hurt! All we want is for them to come out and just tell us that they are dating! Please Justin....... For us...... Ur fans that made all of this possible!! Please :)

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jona:  1494 days ago

well i thing that if Justin and Selena are dating together i'm happy because Selena is the most sweet girl i have ever seen and Justin is totally rock!
he is so handsome and Selena so sweet
they are the perfect couple

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Beza alemayehu:  1493 days ago

I think Justin and Selena are just friends. Why do you have to be in these peoples lifes!?!? The paparazi are jerks they need to get a life for real!!! Justin and Selena just can't be friends. Just please get off their backs that's just my opion don't take my word for it. I'm just saying. Leave them alone!!!!!

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Haley:  1493 days ago

I think they're cute, but selenas 18.. and if they were to do anything she'd get in a lot of trouble. If they're dating all the 'beliebers' are gunna have to deal. It's not like they're commited to each other, they're dating not boyfriend and girlfriend.

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Alexis:  1491 days ago

I seriously have to wonder why a 18 year old would wanna date a 16 year old.....their probably just hanging out..people should really drop all these rumors.

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sc:  1488 days ago

i think these guys don`t what they want though they are really in love, i would be happy if they were to open up to us but one thing is jb is younger than her

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lizbeth:  1488 days ago

screw you Selena Gomez ur to old for him, grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!just go back to ur retirement home were u belong

p.s. for ur b-day im going to send u a wheelchair so ur wrinkly little legs wont have to carry u any more

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Tripti Tanya:  1488 days ago

i think that they are more than friends and i'm not happy at all for them.

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Brianna:  1487 days ago

I think that they are 2gether & if they are i am happy 4 the both of them! But if they are 2gether they will tell us when they want if they want 2 say that they are just friends 4 now let them who are we 2 tell them if they have 2 tell us or not yes we r fans and yes we like 2 know what is going on in their lives but that does not mean that we have 2 know what is going on every min on the day.But yet they might just be friends that like each other but dont want 2 date because they dont want 2 lose each other if it does not work out. I mean like come on look what happend with nick and selena they were friends they went out & not they like never talk. So let them have their fun & say that they are just friends 4 now intill they want 2 come out & say that they are more. If we are real fans we will let them take their time and tell us when they are ready. I think every 1 just needs 2 chill out. U can really tell that they like each other & they will do what they need 2 do in tim. So and friends/fans we need 2 step back and let them do what they need 2 do & in time we will all know that is really going on! I cant wait 2 know eather!!!!!!!!

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ana:  1485 days ago

no,they are not fiends but they are too cute ;)

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Ashton:  1485 days ago

Selena is a pedifile!!!! what 18 year old dates a 16 year old with no abs?!! wtf is this? go for taylor lautner for goodnees sakes...oh thats right you missed your chance cause you are dating a minor! ohhhh....BURN!!! get some selena! im more perfect for justin cause we are the same age! yeah just wait till we get married mwahahaha!!

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Brittany:  1484 days ago

I'm happy for them but mad at the same time..If they are dating they need to tell us. Cuz i'm getting annoying they say they aren't but these picks come up of them kissing and sutff...if they are honestly i don't see it lasting long..they are both amazing people but i think they act alot like brother and sister then a couple..i just dont see it..but i love you both to death :)
youtube: skilletgirl2297

twitter: britt_hadaway

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Emmy:  1484 days ago

I'm a huge fan of Justin and I'm like other Beliebers don't want him to be hurts. but like other Beliebers,I have the same reaction. please,Selena,you're too old for him!just leave him,okay?
sorry Justin...

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ashleilynn:  1484 days ago

i don't know y ever1 is freaking out this i the same as you dating some1 u love. just back off i mean how would u if this was happening u.i no that this isn't impressive i was a little disappointed i wanted her to date Gregg sulkin but if she loves Justin then i'm OK with that.

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libby:  1484 days ago

i want to biebe justin wen he says they are not but im still unclear of what i want to say

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