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Paris Hilton Vamps Up in Madrid!

Paris Hilton went on a tour of Madrid over the weekend -- and popped up all over the place in some revealing ensembles.

First, the party girl held a press conference where she announced her new motorcycle racing team, SuperMartxe VIP by Paris Hilton. Her team will compete in the 2011 125cc MotoGP World Championship season and Paris will appear at five races as part of her contract.

The news was easily overshadowed by what Paris was wearing though: A bright pink and white leather racing suit that really put focus on her chest.

Hilton followed up that sexy appearance with another at club Fabrix, where she rolled around the stage and shook her stuff with a ton of hot, half-naked dancers.

After the wild weekend, Hilton returned to L.A., tweeting last night, "Feels so good to be at home with all my pets. I love them all so much! I feel like their my children. :)"

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Catlinh:  1498 days ago

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dinesh:  1493 days ago

i luv u

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Hisjules:  1492 days ago


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Darr247:  1491 days ago

I highly doubt she'll be doing any racing in that suit.

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jwesley:  1488 days ago

when did parisian get boobs..omg about time honeyy
i love you

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JUsB Bakacha:  1484 days ago

Ur so stupid Paris...xD

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Susan:  1478 days ago

I see the poor little rich bad behaved Hilton child bought some boobs!!!! Ought to put some money in becoming a young lady with class

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