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J.Lo's Shopping Spree: $6,500 in 30 Minutes!

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's kids must have been very good this year -- because their famous parents just dropped some serious cash on Christmas presents this week in L.A.

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On Wednesday, J.Lo and her hubby were photographed shopping at Kitson Kids on Robertson. We're told they spent about 30 minutes inside the store -- and spent $6,500 in that short time!

Sources tell TooFab the store was closed down just so they could shop and the duo walked out with six bags worth of goods.

Some of the items they picked up were True Religion jeans for the twins, a Helena mink vest and a ton of toys for little Max and Emme.

Marc picked out the toys and J.Lo, naturally, took control of the fashion.

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bigcid:  1494 days ago

Ahh, how tough it must be to be a celebrity. Stores closing down just for you, and only spending $6500.00 in 30 minitues. Oh, and mink vests for kids. Jealous? Yeah! what can i say. Merry X-Mas celebrity style !!

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jess:  1494 days ago

Yeah right! I checked out the store and can't possibly find anything there that could add up to 65k that would fit into 6 bags! Exaggerate much?!

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MissZ:  1494 days ago

I agree with Jess. There are far more upscale and expensive kids' boutiques than Kitson. True Religion jeans for kids don't run much more than $150. Maybe the mink vest all on it's own was like 4 grand. Who knows. In any case, I agree that this story has been exaggerated......much to the liking of Jenny from the block.

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Dabomb:  1494 days ago

No way in hell I believe this!!! celebrities are the cheapest bastards out there. They prob. got it all for free. Ive had celebrities were I work at and let me tell you, they are the CHEAPEST!!! they think that because they are "celebrities" they have the right to get things for free or dirt cheap!

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candomath:  1494 days ago

ummm jess read it again. 6k + 500. = $6,500.

Not 65k thousand.....LOL.

too funny...

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zisee:  1494 days ago

So what is the big deal. She has the money!!!!!!!

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Lilarose in Oregon:  1493 days ago

A mink vest? A real mink skin vest? Are these people living on Mars? Decent people don't wear mink. Mink are tiny animals with beautiful pelts. They are raised so rich people can wear their fur while they still need it. To kill a mink an electrical prod is put into their rectum and the juice is turned on. This way the pelt isn't damaged. What is damaged are mindless arseholes like JLo and her husband. I won't be patronizing her ever again.(yes, I know about the wearing leather and eating beef etc).

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tacky66:  1493 days ago

and bragging about it as well, better they would have given presence to the kids in their old neighborhood.

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