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Hugh Hefner Is Engaged!

It appears that Hugh Hefner and girlfriend Crystal Harris--who's 60 years his junior!--are taking their relationship to the next step, and are engaged: The Playboy kingpin Tweeted Christmas Eve that he gave Harris a ring.

The 84-year-old Playboy CEO tweeted, "After the movie [The Tourist] tonight, Crystal & I exchanged gifts. I gave Crystal a ring. A truly memorable Christmas Eve." So it seems Hefner and his 24-year-old "Number One" girlfriend are chapel-bound!

Hef has been married twice before: To Mildred Williams from 1949-1959 and Kimberly Conrad from 1989-2010.

Comments (52)

ang:  1495 days ago

AWW Poor HOLLY!!! This is crazy news....Happy for the guy if he is truely happy but WOW!

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Whodat:  1495 days ago

That is just gross..That's her grandfather.

What could she possibly find in common with him?
I doubt the man can keep up with someone her age not only in the bedroom but just in general.

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shannonC:  1495 days ago

I was never completely comfortable with the fact that my boyfriend is 22 years older than me. This makes us look normal.

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Raine :  1495 days ago

he wouldn't marry holly but is going to marry one of her tenny bopper replacements? blah.

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kimberly:  1495 days ago

She's beautiful and seems really sweet and down to earth. I bet Holly is not liking this!!! When you have all the money he has you can pretty much pick and choose whoever in the world you want!

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PETER LEE:  1495 days ago

Thats just sad. Everyone smiling in their faces and laughing behind their backs. He's no longer an Icon just an old man that should fade into the shadows. He's OLD news no one cares about Playboy.

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holly:  1495 days ago

what foolishness, i wish both of them happiness, he's delusional.

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kinm:  1495 days ago

just a ring, don't mean anything, he's still married, that said, the Holly ho is not going to be laughing at all

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WALTAJ:  1495 days ago

That LUCKY Bastard

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Me:  1495 days ago

What a total pervert, she of course is a gold digger obviously but he is just nasty, he could be her great grandpa.

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Astonished:  1495 days ago

How do you spell "eewwwwwww" or "yuk" or just plain "gross"

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Janis:  1495 days ago

Why would he want to ruin her life like that, She is 24 years old...where is the wisdom in marrying her. The only thing they could possibly have in common is sex, and he is already getting that from her, why buy the cow?

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Tee:  1495 days ago

Am I missing something? He didn't say engagement ring, he just said ring. It's Christmas so it's probaly just a gift not an engagement ring.

I wonder whather family thinks about her dating someone old enough to be her great, great grandfather. Something is off about his need to surround himself with girls young enough to be one of his kids.

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Glenda :  1495 days ago

Ewww, it must take a desperate soul to want to go to bed with an old fart like him. Then to marry him too.

Wonder what Ms. Holly will think of this. She said she really wanted to marry him, but he wouldn't divorce.

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Rose Bandura:  1495 days ago

Ridiculous, what the hell is the matter with men.....going after women that young...just sick

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