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REVEALED! LeAnn's Engagement Ring!

LeAnn Rimes showed off her diamond engagement ring Tuesday morning--just one day after announcing her engagement--at Los Angeles International Airport, where she and fiance Eddie Cibrian were preparing to depart for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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The ring is reportedly a platinum sparkler with a 5-carat oval diamond set in rose gold fleur-de-lis.

LeAnn made no secret of their destination, Tweeting, "Cabo!!!!! Sun, bikinis, friends, food, tequila...celebration!!!! Gonna be the best trip!!

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April:  1495 days ago

Wow! Can we start placing bets as to when they start cheating on each other? That's a big rock! I guess good for them--but it seems like neither knows how to honor the their vows.

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Denise :  1495 days ago

You can't help you fall in love with....

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sistershotgun:  1495 days ago

You can't help who you fall in love with but you can help how you go about ending one relationship before beginning the other.

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EMarie:  1494 days ago

WHEW ! ! ! I now can rest easier to begin my 2011!
Geeezzz....I am guessing that if he gave it to her, it's fake BUT if she bought the ring for herself, it still may be fake ha!....but as they would say..... "the ring represents their real love for one another!" My question is for how long? His children are old enough to know what has happened and they will surely do all that they can to de-rail the love train. I wish his children the best and any life(lives) that the 2 of them may happen to procreate.

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Nicky:  1494 days ago

Merry X-Mas to Eddie's ex-wife!

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