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Kim Kardashian in Studio ... with Kanye?!

Kim Kardashian hit the recording studio yesterday ... with Kanye West!

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Kim, who has an album in the works with The Dream, was spotted going into a studio yesterday in Culver City with her mom -- the same studio Kanye was caught sneaking into as well!

Before she showed up, Kim tweeted "OMG u guys have no idea what I'm doing today! You are gonna DIE!!!!"

Think there's a collaboration in the works here?!

Comments (12)

andrea:  1493 days ago

holy crap
two losers with absolutely NO TALENT

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janja:  1493 days ago

why is she with him, does she need her rep messed up. Are you trying to look bad. I think if he works with a porno actress it might pep up his rep. So kim a good choice.

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issa:  1493 days ago

Wow this money hungry whore and her mom need to chill the hell out!!! They gonna edit the hell out of her voice anyways... Kim one day I will see you fall and just maybe when this stupid cd comes out your ass will see. Why can't you be happy with the success you already have? Well who can blame a whore for wanting to do them all...

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John T. Perez:  1493 days ago

I just laugh at these comments because people seriously need to know these celebrities could care less if you don't like them because when it comes to it, they will always top you on fame, and money and I'm sure on looks too. I'm not these twos biggest fan.. And what the hell let them do whatever I bet you'll be the first to listen to her single.

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mia tamas:  1492 days ago

keep going guys ...till u r young your time ..Don't forget to THANK GOD!!and go to CHURCH too.

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Hisjules:  1491 days ago


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nelly:  1491 days ago

Some of yall are ****in haters and the only reason y yall write this crap is cause u can never be with her so get a life and stop callin her a whore cause she ain't one don't judge her for loving men ok.and she can sleep or go out with whomever she wants to its her body and her life not urs ok.

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LIugyulo:  1487 days ago

Happy 2011 everyone....This has got to be a better year!...
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~ Bl ackw hiteC upid / Co m ~ - and received his chat invitations a few days later. Then, everything went so well that I can't believe it's true! Every lo've st'ory will unfold on it's own---

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asmiralda:  1487 days ago

Very interesting collaboration, LOL. One likes to pose naked one is nasty and no manner, LOL,LOL,LOL!!!!!

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OoohLayy:  1487 days ago


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asmiralda:  1486 days ago

@1; Who said that these two don't have talent? believe me, she has a talent that you don't and most of us won't even want to have that kind of talent, you know what? getting naked on Playboy, or something like that. LOL!!!! About the other one, his talent is being nasty and no manner. So the combination of those two people are so good, one like showing of her body and the other is nasty and no manner. Do you still want to hear/buy their collaboration album??? LOL, LOL, LOL.

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jay:  1477 days ago

Y'all are some fu***** haters y'all need to get y'all selves rite n stead of bein haters worry about urself n stead of wht kims doin lame asses foreal don't be mad cause kim looks good n u guys r ugly ducklings prob single an lonely so have nothn to do but hate on kim k go fu** urselves

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