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Brad & Angelina: Hometown Hospital Visit!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were spotted at a hospital in Springfield, Missouri yesterday -- but don't worry, there weren't any medical emergencies.

TooFab has learned the power couple, plus Brad's parents Bill and Jane Pitt (left), toured the pediatric center at St. John's Hospital -- which was renamed to St. John's Jane Pitt Pediatric Center last year after Brad and Angelina, Rob & Julie Neal (Brad's sister) and Lisa & Doug Pitt (Brad's brother) donated $1 million to the hospital.

We're told the family named it after Jane to honor her "countless years supporting children's issues."

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Hisjules:  1469 days ago


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Annie:  1260 days ago

Yes, I love Angelina & Brad so much coz they have good heart, good role model as the parent and means alot to the world. Bravo! The Rabbit couple, yep, they were born on the year of Rabbit that would make the successful destiny for them.

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