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Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris: Check Out The Engagement Ring!

Hugh Hefner gave his #1 girlfriend Crystal Harris an engagement ring for Christmas -- and now we've got your first look at the gorgeous gift!

Last night on her Twitter, Crystal posted "For those of you who have been asking to see my ring here it is... My engagement ring from my love @hughhefner" -- and linked to this photo of some serious sparkle.

Hugh popped the question on Christmas Eve, with the Playboy founder tweeting after "When I gave Crystal the ring, she burst into tears. This is the happiest Christmas weekend in memory."

As for Hef's famous exes, Kendra Wilkinson tweeted "so happy for you" at the couple while Bridget Marquardt sent over a note and a box of "I Do" cupcakes from Sprinkles.

No word yet from Holly Madison -- but she and Hugh are set to shoot an episode of "Holly's World" at the Mansion together next week.

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Rachel Rothechild:  1493 days ago

Child molestation has gone a long way. I could help that. Seeing that man money would make me throw up. You think women ta taas go flat and hang to their knees that is the same effect all over his body.EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. She is no Nicole Simpson.

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janja:  1493 days ago

he can't honestly think that people aren't laughing at him? Chick you may be in your 20's but in a yr when this guy dies from old age your going to look like 60. You two look so stupid and pervI!

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Amy:  1493 days ago

YUCK! They are both so gross! He is an old pervert that these girls only tolerate because of what he can do for them and they are nothing but whores! They have to know that they are both being laughed at!

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Debbie:  1493 days ago

How many carats?

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erica:  1493 days ago

she looks like she is over 40. not pretty at all compared to the slew of other girls he has had over the years. holly gave him 8 yrs of her life and got nothing in the end out of it.

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Vera:  1492 days ago

There is no real love there. You can tell by his body language and hers too. Too much distance between them for one. They are both kind of stiff. At least he has a personal caretaker and if she is smart, she can be set for life.

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jimeny:  1492 days ago

I imagine his "thing" is as floppy,wrinkled, & useless as a woman's boobies HIS age. He's just gross. Having a 20 yr old girlfriend, doesn't make you 20 again.

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bella:  1492 days ago

Holly really loved him. She was loyal and devoted girlfriend for 8 years. Heff was not ready. Now the new girlfriend got the ring without paying her dues. Its not fair. Life is not fare.

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Queen Karma:  1492 days ago

Poor Holly.
She really wanted to marry PuffinBoo.
Se x with thisguy, ehhhh!!!
HE does look dumb.
Can we say M o n e y!!!!

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ThereseZ.:  1489 days ago

Wasn't the reason Hugh Hefner was dumped by longtime Girlfriend Holly Madison because "Hugh loved Holly but didn't want to get married again." Does anyone else find this rebound relationship with Crystal Harris and subsequent engagement as strange as I do. I don't expect these two will ever make it to the alter. Hugh has a history of "breaking things off before the "I Do's." Perhaps old age is finally catching up on Hugh. After all, his mind seems to be going on this one!

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Barbara:  1411 days ago

Here is a true story for you Hugh.
It's about a faithful woman and her husband. The husband gets ill. The wife's been ill. She doesn't baby him but she loves him. Along comes a whore and takes him away knowing he is married. Than the whore leaves him after 10 years. The faithful woman dies after 7 years.
Yes, men might think you are an idol but your not God. Everybody has to meet their maker.
As for the woman you are with. If all she wants is your money. The money can be lost also. I know a lot of people that wait for other's money and find out they get nothing in the end.

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jim courtneygo to the :  1397 days ago

I'm sure she would still be with this guy if he was just an old fart in an old age home! If they ever break up I'm sure she'll go to the Senior Citizens Center to find a new husband, she just prefers 80 year old men!! Yeah Right!! She's no different than a two bit whore!!

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alex:  1397 days ago

Gross she is desperate how come nobody is comparing her like the whore Anna Nicole Smith????

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carroll:  1397 days ago

who should care! such trivial rot! this is all their business!

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lina:  1362 days ago

aw hef, your such a sucker for platinum blondes!
what if cystal dyed her hair back to dark?
we all know how the story ends...two of them get married,have another few years together,hubby dies of old age,young wife/widow free to love another,have kids and all the rest,with an extra few million dollars in her pocket...great life crystal-smart...

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