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Kim Kardashian Rocks Cornrows!

Kim Kardashian isn't leaving 2010 without one final surprise: Cornrows!

media_removed_toofab 102011
The reality TV star was spotted leaving the gym today in L.A. rocking the new hairstyle ... which might have something to do with her music video shoot yesterday with Kanye West.

We'll see if the new 'do is permanent tomorrow night, when she hosts TAO's New Year's Eve bash in Las Vegas!

What do you think? Sound off below!

Comments (25)

Roger:  1491 days ago

How black is she?

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TXluvsMJ2:  1491 days ago

Getting her Bo Derek on. I like it and I never really thought she was very pretty. The new do gives her features more definition. Looks good.

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Kristal:  1491 days ago


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boop:  1490 days ago

Is she Black...last time I looked she was not...

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Chaotica:  1490 days ago

I think it looks very good, and I agree, it gives her features much more definition. She looks better with her hair like this.

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Roxy:  1490 days ago

I know that is pulling on her hair, her hair is too thin to wear cornrolls like that, and the synthtic hair toward the bottom itches

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Trooper Tom:  1490 days ago

I just wish this skank would go away

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NaRae:  1490 days ago

Sort of reminds me of the alien in the Predator movies when he removes his skull helmet. Maybe there is a secret remake being done and she's the female predator that has come to earth.

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Lorraine:  1490 days ago

Count me in. She looks BETTER this way.
I think she looks absolutely fantastic in this picture. Fresh. Hair back from her face -less makeup and less pompous clothing, too. She looks GREAT.

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Nicole:  1490 days ago

FYI You dont have to be black to wear Cornrows !!!!

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sammi:  1490 days ago

this is so pathetic.

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dukeran:  1490 days ago


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Superman:  1490 days ago

Keep it, because she looks like crap! The ugliness on the inside is coming out more than just her fat ass and worn-out cooter.

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S. Smith:  1490 days ago

You don't have to be black to have cornrows, that's like saying only hispanics can eat tacos. I think she looks amazing, they really look awesome on her.

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kk22:  1490 days ago

Oh come on.... Of course she looks like ****. With cornrows or without. Bitch is trying to get attention AGAIN. Publicity stunt, end of story.

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