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EXCLUSIVE! Listen To Kim Kardashian's New Song!

Kim Kardashian debuted her new song Friday night at Tao Las Vegas -- and TooFab was there!

She told the crowd, "Hi you guys, I didn't mean to, but I did this song with The Dream, and it's really fun. I hope you guys like it!"

Kim hosted the nightclub's New Year's Eve party, and was joined by her brother Rob, and pals including Brittny Gastineau. Shortly after 1 a.m., Kim introduced the song, which producer The Dream worked on.

Listen to it here. (And yes, we recorded it commando-style, so excuse the roughness of it!)

Kim wasn't the only one who rang in the New Year with a bash -- check out our gallery of all the celebs parties below!


Comments (61)

sara:  1490 days ago

That is just terrible. I cannot believe that this utter crap passes for music these days. Pathetic.

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keeping it real:  1490 days ago

All the Gays, The Hillbilies,Country Bumpkins And Wanna be Somebodies will like her song.
She has no talent She's Like her mom who spread her legs for money.

Another Paris Hilton! One more year and her fans will turn on her. WATCH

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sandy:  1490 days ago

Oh my...please make it stop. The last thing the world needs is a "singing" Kardashian.. Will they ever just go away already?

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TINA:  1490 days ago


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the truth:  1490 days ago

wow you guy are so harsh . it was hard to hear her sing but it didn't sound all that great. she is going down the same road as Paris Hilton and it got Paris no where in life. its a shame because these girls are around because they are pretty but were getting sick of PRETTY . we need new talent , something different cause I'm literally getting sick of the kardashians.they are EVERYWHERE!!!! looks don't last long so go back to school or something cuz i see you going no where in life. or do what u been doing ,find a popular man and try and get the attention on you.<

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Deedee:  1490 days ago


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karina:  1490 days ago

it wasn't as bad as everyone said. plus all those haters probably had a bad opinion going and watching the video.

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meg:  1490 days ago

PLEASE just stick to reality TV Kim....and when i say that, i just mean going about your daily life and not trying to add music to your portfolio....just because they play it, doesn't mean it sounds good...i'm slightly horrified.

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Mika:  1490 days ago

WHY did anyone encourage her to "SING" if that is what she is supposedly doing? Who ever told her she has talent singing should be sued for a class action lawsuit for mental distress for being subjected to this sheit! It is tragic that real talent has been passed up for a ***bucket.

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sara:  1490 days ago

I actually really enjoyed the song! She sounded like a really good R&B singer similar to cassie somewhat. And i totally disagree with the comments stating that kim will end up being just like paris. Kim has so much business and endorsement deals going on in her life, I know shes gonna be around for a while. She is a GREAT business woman. Im sure the song was just for fun. I love it though!!!

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Vanessa:  1490 days ago

Love the entire Kardashian Family!
Who are where and who they are for their hard work.
Loving Kim's sing too! <3

All you people being mean about it are just jealous.

It's clear you don't have a life if you don't like her yet come on to hear her song.Go get one!

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Ashley:  1490 days ago

Its okay it sounded just like I thought it would very auto-tunish with a techno feel which is basically code that she cannot sing but its not horrible I'm pretty sure some one would like it not my personal taste I still think she should stick to what she knows which is being a good business woman.

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Evelyn C:  1490 days ago

Who in the hell told her she can sing.Can't she tell they are putting her on!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nico:  1490 days ago

It's another Kim talent but, tries.

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tinamarie :  1490 days ago

i cant see the kim kardation video

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