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Giuliana Rancic: I'm Going To Run A Marathon In 2011!

Giuliana Rancic is tired of her husband Bill teasing her about his athletic prowess, so her New Year's resolution is inspired by his gloating: She plans to run in a marathon in 2011!

"I really want to run in a marathon this year," Giuliana tells TooFab. "Bill has run two marathons, and I've run half a marathon, so I always go around gloating, 'Oh, I've run a marathon,' and Bill's like 'A half a marathon, honey!' So Bill and I are going to train. He's going to train me, and we're going to run a full marathon together."

As for Bill, he tells TooFab of his New Year's resolution, "I'm going to learn Italian. I want to be able to speak Italian fluently by the end of 2011. Her parents are always talking about me [in Italian] and I have no idea what they're saying at the dinner table!"

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Swissmiss150:  1489 days ago

Yes, please put on some weight. Maybe it will help you get pregnant. All the best to you and your husband.

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bev:  1489 days ago

Worry less about how you look on camera and eat something! There is a choice to be made here and so far it looks like she chooses to look slim on-camera. Seriously, the whining and everything she does on camera while doing fertility treatment. What would she do in labor!!!?????

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Erika:  1489 days ago

First off I think the above comments are ridiculous, you look great and work hard for it. It's a sacrifice for being in the industry and you provide noting but a high class attitude. I'm happy both you and bill have made resolutions that you can both share and work together in. It really shows your commitment to each other. I sincerely hope you both accomplish your resolutions or at the very least ignore the rude, unwarented comments above. Happy New Year Rancic's!

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Brenda:  1489 days ago

I hope for the best in her quest to get pregnant. Being too thin OR too heavy is often a source of infertility in women. I hope they can address this for them, they seem very happy!

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Alexandra:  1489 days ago

I love Guiliana. I've watched her on E! since she started. I also like her a lot on Fashion Police. Bill is dreamy. I hope they last forever. It's a good resolution but I completely agree with the others, she needs to gain some weight. That type of skinny is not pretty or sexy. She could look so much better with just a few more pounds. I find it hard to believe that the executives at E! think she should be that skinny. I saw her interview last year on The View where she talked about her infertility problem. Even her doctor said that gaining 10 pounds would help her and she still refuse to gain more than 5 pounds. I guess looks are more important for her than a baby.

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tmf:  1489 days ago

When she was on the View, I felt sorry for her, but there is more to life than being a size 2 for designer samples. Besides, if I had a husband like Bill, I would call in late at least 3 times a week.

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Jenn:  1489 days ago

Her weight has nothing to do with her not getting pregnant! She is healthy and beautiful. I'm so shocked how quick most of you women are to judge another woman going through a hard time. It is really sad how it makes some of you feel better about yourself to make such negative comments. Maybe your New Years resolutions should be stop judging other women. Happy New years to Giuliana. I hope you get everything you wish for in 2011!

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vicster:  1489 days ago

Ok Guiliana.... I have always been skinny too.... you look great girl!!! If you want to run than good for you! I am so hoping you and Bill will have a baby someday. I love your relationship with Bill and I have am 54 years old, and it took me until I was 50 years old to find the kind of love you and Bill share together! Love your show too!!!

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Island Expat:  1489 days ago

I'm a big fan of Giuliana and Bill. But sometimes Bill seems to be difficult to live with. He tends to place a lot of pressure on Giuliana which causes a lot of undue stress on her. He comes across as demanding on screen. As for her athletic ability, if he wanted an athlete for a wife. Then he should have married an athlete. Except her for who she is. A feminine petite fun woman. And yes, I agree. Giuliana needs to gain some weight to be more healthy. She'll still look fabulous with 5 - 10 more pounds. I wish them all the best!

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Kristie:  1489 days ago

@Jenn..Yes, her being too thin can definitly affect her fertility. Women who are underweight often cease to menstruate, and to ovulate. It takes sacrifice to be a parent, and her sacrifice may need to start when she is trying to conceive in the form of gaining a few needed pounds!

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m.e.c.:  1489 days ago

Someone feed her. She is not a healthy weight. If she adds weight and stops excessive exercising, she will greatly increase her chances of conceiving -- well known among those in the infertility community.
There's a lot of pressure to be thin since she and her husband are quasi celebrities. I hope she sees the light. If she looks very thin in a photo which adds weight, imagine how thin she must be in person. I wish them well.

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Kay:  1488 days ago

I trained for a marathon and ran one. During training I was running up to 12 to 15 miles. My periods literally went readers do not tell me that being ultra skinny in the first place and doing the kind of running that will make you drop even more weight and lower your hormone level will not affect her fertility.
Yes, there are always going to be the ultra skinny people that get pregnant-the human body is an amazing thing-but more likely she has an ordinary body that needs a little fat for her hormone levels to be up enough to sustain pregnancy. Use common sense people.
Either way-I wish her the best in her endevours

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Juliana:  1488 days ago

It is well-known that women who are too thin especially in conjunction with extreme exercise (like training for marathons) do not ovulate normally. Certainly, this contributes to infertility. I think these two are a great couple and would be wonderful parents. Less running and more pasta!!

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