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EXCLUSIVE! "The Jersey Shore's" Sammi Launching Fragrance

Add Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola to the list of "The Jersey Shore" stars expanding their branding empire: This spring she'll launch a new fragrance called "DANGEROUS," TooFab has exclusively learned.
Sources connected to the deal describe the fragrance's scent as "dangerously sweet." Giancola is slated to shoot the ad campaign next week.

Plus, on Thursday she's a guest on "Good Morning America," where she's expected to dish about the show's new season, premiering tomorrow night, as well as the fragrance.

Comments (11)

Tricia:  1395 days ago

So if you wear the perfume do you become a whiny insecure idiot who lets her man walk all over you. Thanks but I'll pass!!

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Talia Marie:  1394 days ago

Will the perfume make your skin turn orange?

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Evet:  1394 days ago

You could pay me to wear her perfume!! Who would want to smell like a stupid idiot that spends all day looking at her ugly self and hanging all over her boyfriend the treats her like she deserves..

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Lisa Hart:  1394 days ago

I think its GREAT more power to you Sammie! People are just so Negative anymore! I like all of you in ur own ways. Each one of you have Bad and Good Qualities as does everybody who is alive. Keep it up Girl Get that Money and Good Luck!

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Karla:  1393 days ago


Congrats on your new perfume. That is great..Dont focus on the negative they are ugly people..Stay positive and you will go very far!!

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Hisjules:  1393 days ago


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Debi:  1392 days ago

Good for her!!! at least she is doing something with her fame, instead of getting drunk and sleeping with every guy on the block.....she has a boyfriend and she is doing the best she can to keep there relationship normal as they can, being on a popular show, men are already complicated enough, she has a tough job.....

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Steph:  1390 days ago

Good for you Sammi! Haters are just jealous -- pay them no mind and keep your head up.. I think it's fabulous you have a fragrance!! I love it!!!

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superiorsneakers:  1388 days ago

she is hot as hell

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Tiffany:  1388 days ago

Please Dont.

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tamara :  1225 days ago

sammi ur awesome congrats on ur fragrance i well def buy it for sure

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