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DJ Pauly D: "Jersey Shore" Newbie Deena Cortese "Fits Right In"

The third season of "Jersey Shore" kicks off tonight, and new cast member Deena Nicole Cortese is a perfect fit for the show, Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio tells TooFab.


"She definitely fits right in," says DJ Pauly D, who adds that the cast initially thought she was going to be a rabblerouser like booted cast member Angelina Pivarnick. "We thought that, when she was coming into the house. I was skeptical having a new roommate, because I was like, 'this is our house!' You know what I mean, no strangers!"

But Cortese quickly won over her new roommates. "But then we met her and thought she was kind of like Snooki. She just loved to party and have fun and that's what you do in the summertime at the Jersey Shore. She's carefree and loves to have fun, and that's how I am, I love to have fun too, so we definitely welcomed her into the home. She's an awesome, great girl."

As for Angelina, DJ Pauly D says, "She shot me a text saying 'happy new year,' so we talk through text."

While they remain cordial, DJ Pauly D is refraining from playing her rap song "I'm Hot" at his deejaying gigs. "I respect everybody's hustle, and they do what they got to do, but maybe she should leave the music alone."

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Vinny:  1443 days ago

F*CK ANGELINA, and If this season is more Ronnie and Sammy BullSh*t I will turn it off and never go back!!!!!

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cojack:  1443 days ago

sammy ronnie and vinny r useless, give me jwoww snookie sitch and pauly d, and u got drama free a ****

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Bobby:  1443 days ago

This show is such a waste of time and money. They have no talent what so ever.

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Areader:  1443 days ago

Season 3 is going to be great!

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Mike Hunt:  1443 days ago

Last night on jersey shores when they showed pauly d's house quick they put providence r.i. on the screen to bad he lives on vermont st. in johnston in a section 8 apartment and he never lived in prov. hes a phoney 2 dollar bill!!!

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SHARON:  1443 days ago

new chic seems like a party girl, like how she stood up to sammi the ice princess bitch.truth is id rather see angelina back on then to see that boring bitch sammi (sweetheart my ass )and she makes ronnie a bore (yawn) ronnie do ur self a favor and dump that bitch.she so clingy and needy....much love for jwoww,snooks, pauly d, sitch, and vinny xoxo

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Ruben:  1443 days ago

I think Jersey Shore is good alright, used to be better... But Snooki, J'Woww, Vinny and Pauly D are hta bomb... I used to think Mike was way too ****y, he still is, but not so much annoying anymore... Sammi has changed so much, she used to be "Sweetheart" and I loved her!! But now she's the new Angelina!! Never liked Angelina... Ronnie used to be a ****, but now he's a sissy...

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ForKicks:  1443 days ago

Great to have the Shores back HOWEVER, Sammi & Ronnie are destined to bring the ratings down! Does that ***ch ever get out of the f'n bed??!! And Ronnie, you are wasting an incredible opportunity to have fun and live life. Sammi is depressed and extremely insecure - she needs therapy desperately and no matter how much you "love" her Ron, you can't fix her. Live Life NOW!!! And get the F*** out of bed!!!

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Angela:  1443 days ago

I feel so sorry for Sammi, in the new season. Everybody is just jealous of her and they are always picking on her. Ron is like her love slave, which is pretty hot. As for the rest of the cast....... well......Just kidding. That Sammi is such a witch. She has Ronnie wrapped on her little finger. How pathetic to just sit around in your room on your first night in Jersey, with your pathetic girlfriend. She needs to get a reality check, and become her own person. She is always bitchy to everyone, and expects Ron to back her up. Instead he should bitch slap her and dump her sorry, insecure, nasty ass.

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melissa :  1443 days ago

I am bit older the the cast, but love to see them having a good time. But what I do hate is to see a couple that age shacking up. That to me is just is telling our young people it ok to shack up before a commitment is made. But I do think it is OK, to be out there having a good time, so that when you make the committment a man can stand by it. So yes I am tired of the Ron and Sammy drama. The guys are to funny and Snooki doesn't need to be getting in any fights, WHY? Cause the girl can't fight for ****! She needs to sit down somewhere.

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Dylan:  1443 days ago

I turned this sh*t off the first time it was on. What a waste, probably scripted just like the realworld was. Loosers within another year, broke in 2 and reappearing on MTV for some stupid battle show called "Jersey Shore Wars". What a bunch of tools.

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Terry:  1442 days ago

I was all excited about the new season but,after watching it,the guys seem too get along pretty well.The tension with the girls is unbelievable,Sammi needs to get a grip on the whole life thing.If anybody should leave it should be her,she's making it very stressful too be around her.Everybody else will be having fun+that's how it should be.I actually liked her in season1+2but come on she needs too do some serious growing up.Good Luck Terry

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angie, south-africa:  1442 days ago

Sammi is boring and insecure!

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Karrin:  1442 days ago

I think Sammi is a little stuck up, but come on that new ugly bitch is a joke!,, I would have laughed at her too! I don't think it's fair all 3 of the girls are ganging up on her! That's bull****! I think it's great Sammi sticks uo to that amazon chick Jwoww. Come on be nice collect your check and enjoy cause in 3 year no one will know who you are!

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JERSEYSHORE<3:  1442 days ago


Noone said you had to have talent to be on reality tv.

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