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Camille Grammer: Why I'd Return for "Real Housewives" Season Two

Camille Grammer says she hasn't decided whether she'll be back for Season 2 of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- but if she does, there's going to be a few changes.

"They’re saying awful things about me and it’s very hurtful," Kelsey Grammer's soon-to-be ex-wife tells Ellen DeGeneres, "If I would do it, it would be to try to change my image. To try to change it around and have people see the other side of me that you don’t see on TV."

As for her strained relationship with Kelsey, Camille says "We don’t speak at all. Everything I find out is through the press with him. Or he writes me an email or text."

The full interview with Grammer airs today.

Comments (42)

Mia:  1486 days ago

Camille, please do not come one can stand you. You are so self-centered and backstabbing..and who can stand that winey voice???
maybe, spend some time with your kids instead.
we can all see now, why Kelsey left!

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Noise:  1486 days ago

@Michelle I love you. I signed up strictly to say that!

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annette:  1486 days ago

could not agree more!! This nutjob Camille is delusional!!! I think ur psychic friend was predicting ur future and ur life ..through Kyle.

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Michael:  1486 days ago

It still amuses me to watch you act so better than everyone else throughout this season when all along your husband was having an affair and about to dump you through the media. Once your marriage has ended, you will become nothing more than a rich old woman who got her money and security through marrying and having children with an older man....noone will ever hear of you again and based on how you treat others, I imagine you will spend much time alone in your house up in the hills.....your life is fake, as was evident when you showed up at your husbands premiere and you were the last person he wanted in his dressing room...think the other woman was waiting in the closet to congratulate his success???? I do!

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Susie Lessard:  1486 days ago

I Think that Kelsie is the smart one here. Ask you to be on a Reality TV Show, The whole world ( Those that watch) see who you really are and cannot think of one person that has commented would disagree with him and applaud his decision to leave you. Blame editing, blame everyone but yourself. You are not a person that I would waste my time on and am hopeful that you do not decide to continue on the show. Hoever, if you are looking for self improvement may I suggest a parenting class, Narcistic's group therapy, Remove some of the rose colored mirrors in your home and life and read up on " I am not the center of anyones world" Congratulation's Kelsie, this was a good choice, but if I were you I would get custody of the children after all I believe the Nannies have more of a connection to them than your ex-wife does. There will never be enough room in her world for the children and her ego,

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Catherine:  1486 days ago

You all are making comments about Camille by pulling words out of a phrase or not viewing the entire situation. Kyle is not so innocent, she is as vicious as you are trying to portray Camille. Kyle treats her sister bad and always has a negative comment towards her and she is always saying how much she has done for her sister. Why don't you comment on the way Kyle's husband told her hair stylist how nice she looks while standing behind his wife at his own birthday party, view the look he gave her while telling her how good she looked. Kyle has crocodile tears, and you are falling for them. Camille's psychic tried to let them know she was off duty, and wouldn't have said anything but Kyle kept pushing her for a reading. Open your eyes, it's on tape she told those ladies she was off duty but they kept pushing. She's the bad person because she told them what they didn't want to hear. When you don't work and sit home, you wouldn't understand what it means to have a night out. Camille is lonely and she wanted some attention,obviously! If those ladies were her friends she should have been able to let her hair down without them making nasty comments, it's not her fault the ladies husbands were looking. She was talking about her breast to a plastic surgeon, you couldn't hear what he said to her before she made that comment. Leave Camille alone! KYLE TREAT YOUR SISTER BETTER, YOU'RE NOT THAT WONDERFUL, NO ONE IS!

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Shelley:  1486 days ago

Camille should try to come back strong, dont be a quiter. Change is good. Success is the the biggest revenge. You should get with Mel Gibson, and sober him up.

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Sophie:  1480 days ago

I personally like Camille on the show...she makes it interesting....and be honest ladies without camille who would you all B*tch about?

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Tonya:  1480 days ago

I happen to like Camille. She's a little vain, but if you looked like her and had her money you would be too.

Deep down she seems like a nice person. Kyle on the other hand is very shady. Look at the fame whores that she hangs out with. I also hate the way that Kyle talks down to her sister. It makes me cringe when I hear the way that she talks down to her.

I also happen to understand Camille's comments about relating better to men than women.Oftentimes women can be extremely catty as demonstrated on the show. Lisa and Kyle come of as really snooty and bitchy sometimes.

Team Camille!

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M:  1480 days ago

Camille - delusional and vain, the fact that Kelsey is divorcing her is GOOD. She needs to get off her high horse like she is better than everyone. She wanted to hurt Kyle by taking business away from her husband - how childish! Now what Kelsey will probably still do business with Mauricio. What?

Kyle - down to earth and as far as her talking to her sister Kim in a certain way... Hello- Kim needs to get a back bone. I would be tired too of a weak person dragging me down. Get with it Kim, get your own LIFE!!!!!!!

I do agree that she bought the psychic thing on herself..... I wonder if the psychic friend told Camille she would be getting

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truth1253:  1480 days ago

I really don't know how Kelsey did it. That bitch makes me want to start drinking! I wonder why her psychic friend did pick up on the fact that Kelsey was looking for another wife. Hell, I was picking up on it!

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Leci:  1480 days ago

To #1. Michelle,

You must the true Medium because you read my mind... LOL!

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MARJORIE:  1480 days ago

Lets see, "putrid vile bacteria" - yup, that pretty much describes Camille for me too. The worst was trying to take credit for Kelsey's sobriety for the last 13 years. He did the work but, she gets the credit? Not even close you vapid, self-centered, botoxed person. Please take your ill-gotten money and just go away. Take a class in how to be a good mother and at least you might redeem yourself by being a mother who learns to think of someone other than yourself. If she's an example of life in Beverly Hills, I truly pity those who exist there while the rest of us actually live elsewhere.

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karen:  1480 days ago

Camille-Get yourself into therapy, immediately. Hopefully you will regain balance.

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krn:  1480 days ago

maybe Kelsey watched the show and it confirmed what he thought ... he was married to an " out of touch nutcase " ... seldom have I seem anyone .. even on any of these housewives shows ( and that 's saying something ) more self centered and sickening ...

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